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The Communications Committee focuses on building and sustaining our sense of community by disseminating news, information and resources to members through the web site, e-Alerts, Facebook and a network of dock representatives.

Chair: Sarah Morlidge (Website, Email, FB) assisted by Office Manager Jann McFarland

Community Advocacy and Lobbying

City Light, DNR, Taxes

Chair: Peter Erickson Members: Derek Bottles, Peter Dess

Community Building and Events

The mission of this committee is to foster a connected community within the floating home community; to encourage open communication between the FHA, docks and membership; and to organize events that foster community and provide opportunities for fun and friendship.

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Environmental Stewardship Programs

The FHA Environmental Committee’s mission is to protect and preserve our water backyard thru education, example, and activities that foster environmental stewardship. Liaison to local environmental groups, environmental advocacy & communications.

Chair: John Giaever Members: 


Chair: Megan Sutherland Members:

Legislative and Regulatory Compliance

Communicates Fire and Building code issues. Research and document floating home related code to be shared on our website. Monitors legislative and political environment on all levels, from State to neighborhoods, for issues that might impact the Floating Homes Community.

Chair:  Heidi Eagleton Members: 

Historical Preservation & Education

Maintain architectural heritage (e.g. give design awards).

Chair: Stafford Green Members: Megan Arrivey Hall, Catherine Major, Jeff Seery Supplemental Team: Larry Logue, Steve Andreason, Adam Lyon (Library Associate MOHAI), Eugenia Woo (Director of Seattle Historical Society, Preservation Services)


Responsible for organizing/planning/implementing the bi-annual FHA tour of floating homes. and the Houseboatique

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Tour Committee Chair:  Tour Committee Members: 

Safety and Security

Oversees activities that enhance our well-being around the Lake and Portage Bay. Fosters relationships with local police and fire departments. Manages the Dock Watch.

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Membership Development

Responsible for recruiting new members

Chair: Peter Erickson Members:


Shared Resource and Knowledge Hub including Infrastructure & maintenance tracking to include Director’s Database, Q&A with FHA members

Chair: Sarah Morlidge Members: