Q: Who represents the interests of people on live aboard boats?

A: If you have a house barge, floating on water residence, recreational vessel or vessel with dwelling unit, check out the Lake Union Live Aboard’s website www.lakeunionliveaboard.com for more information.

Q: Where could I find a list of all the marina’s on Lake Union?

A: www.boatmanager.com/marina-listing.html, to find the ones on Lake Union scroll down to #32

Q: I am getting a new floating home built, what can I do with the old one?

A1: “I donated it to OPAL Housing on Orcas Island for their worker housing program. But the cost for them to get it on a barge and tow it up to Orcas was not viable in the end.”

A2: “The short answer is that I had it towed to Northlake shipyard and demolished it there. I tried to give it away (for free) and had a handful of folks interested in taking it, but the problem they all had was finding a place to put it. I had a few different plans for the logs but it was getting too complicated for the return (but did find out a few interesting facts along the way). That being said, on my next new Floating Home 🙂 I’d do as much on-site demolition, in a timely manner (i.e., no weekend work etc) as possible, and use a company that specializes in demolition.

A3: “The people who took my boat had a slip at the Pleasant Harbor Marina Resort in Hood Canal. I think it might’ve been a unique situation but I don’t know. It’s not an easy task.”

A4: It had to be demolished. It wasn’t economical to relocate.