The Dock Officers’ Discussion Board is for you to share information and post questions. Topics include DNR Leases, Seattle City Light, Property Taxes, Vendor List,  Historic Preservation & Design, Dock Repairs, Emergency Prep. Follow a topic to be notified when a post is made.

The Discussion Board  is available to dock officers on docks that have joined the FHA (you can see a list of who those are here). If you are on a dock that has not signed up yet, we would love you to consider all the good reasons why you should here and if your dock still isn’t convinced they need group membership you can sign up for individual membership here.

The reasons for requiring registration are two fold – the first is that we want to post content that is not available to the general public (everything else on the website and in our e-alerts is because we are very inclusive bunch). The second is that we believe the effort we are putting in to this is of value to the community, the cost to join is very low and your financial support funds activities like the Dock Officers Forum and the Discussion Board.

Please email contact@seattlefloatinghomes.org if you have any questions.

Dock Leadership Forum – October 2023