Marina Fire

Marina Fire Update:

You are all aware of the recent multiple-boat fire on Westlake that threatened the homes of a number of our community members.  We want to thank and commend the alert Floating Home owners on 2420 who first called 911 and then used air horns to alert neighbors to the danger.  The fire spread so rapidly that, if not for their actions, a bad situation might have become much, much worse.

This is a good time to remind everyone on your dock of the importance of having not only a fire prevention plan for your home but also an emergency plan for your dock.

We suggest that every home should have:

 Air Horns – They’re inexpensive, handy, easy to use, and readily available at West Marine, Fisheries Supply, and many sports stores such as REI and Big 5.

 Fire Extinguishers – It’s a good idea to mount one on the inside and one on the outside of your home.  One should be mounted at the head of each dock and others at intervals  down the length of the dock.

 Water Hose – They should be readily available either at intervals on your dock or on your home adjacent to the dock.

 Gas and Water shut-offs – Make sure everyone (both owners and renters) in your community knows the location of the master shut-off valves for gas and for water.

 Harbor Patrol – Consider inviting them to your dock meeting to discuss your safety and fire prevention plans.


Bill Albert

Safety & Security Committee