There are many great reasons to become a member of the Seattle Floating Homes Association.

To join or renew your membership download and mail the completed Membership Form along with your dues to the address on the form.    (Be sure to add your current email address for inclusion on the e-Alert mailing list)

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This article in the FHA newsletter really says it all:

What Does the FHA Do for You?

Compiled By Jann McFarland People new to the floating homes community sometimes ask those questions. You receive a newsletter and all other communications the Association sends out whether you are a member or not. You can come to the Annual Meeting whether you are a member or not. You may think you will never need the Association and perhaps you never will – but if you DO need help some day, they will be there to back you whether you are a member or not. So why join? Here are some thoughts about those questions from some of the FHA Board members:

  • “FHA connects me to the people & causes closest to me, literally! We are a unique group of people who have a wonderful lifestyle. And, sometimes there are challenges with preserving that lifestyle.
  • FHA serves as an advocate for our collective community when we need to have a collective voice.
  • FHA works with the state legislature to preserve our rights.
  • FHA helps our docks that might be facing the scary proposition of expired leases or owner turnover.
  • FHA keeps me informed of interesting things going on with the wonderful, eclectic people in my watered-down backyard.
  • In short, FHA does the stuff that needs to be done so we can go on living exactly where we want to live.” Emily Hine

“It is worth being a member of the FHA because as floating home dwellers we have common interests, concerns and vulnerabilities that are better addressed through group effort. Individuals alone have a more difficult time monitoring all issues all of the time.” Tiff McNamara

“Are we lucky or what? We live in America, we live in the Pacific Northwest, we live in Seattle – and the most unique thing of all – we live on floating homes in the middle of this beautiful city!! But the fact that there are still houseboats in Seattle is not due to luck. Without the FHA, we most assuredly would not be enjoying houseboat life today! And without the continuation of the FHA, we may not be able to live this lifestyle tomorrow! That’s why I’m a member of the Floating Homes Association, and that’s why I hope you are too.” Bob Bowman

“The FHA is a great deal because the board and committee members do the legwork for different houseboat issues that individuals may not have the time, patience, or resources to research themselves. Most of these issues are vital to houseboat life, such as watching the legislature for bills affecting the sale of docks, working on disaster and evacuation plans that can be adopted by individual docks or co-ops and fighting legal battles to ensure that houses keep their moorages. We also work constantly to assure the lake is a clean, pleasant place to live and we work to build relationships with government and other non-profit entities so that anyone in the community can rely on that support network should they need it.” Amalia Walton

“The FHA is a constant and vigilant advocate for all houseboaters on all issues affecting them. All houseboaters need to know that the FHA is here ‘to protect, promote and preserve our/their colorful community’. The FHA is an all volunteer Board that puts in a LOT of time attempting to keep our community healthy, thriving, growing and informed. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!” Mary Jones

“The legal standing provided to floating homes has always been fickle at best. Since its inception, the FHA has been our first line of defense against those who would do away with our homes or change the nature of the lake. It seems that every ten years or so, some new opposition to floating homes appears. An active FHA membership ensures we’re ready for the next challenge.” Mark Koenig

“FHA ADVOCATES for you against threats from development and local government. FHA provides structure for enhancing community experience. FHA HOUSEBOATIQUE provides great houseboat stuff to buy!” Giff Jones

“The Floating Homes Association has been here to protect our homes for 45 years. It gives me great peace of mind to know that FHA is diligent to possible threats and ready to jump in at any time if one develops. The FHA has built support over the years from our legislators and that is a huge benefit for our community. Even though things seem stable right now, something could change tomorrow. Everyone should support FHA by joining. It’s worth every penny and more.” Sheri Greaves

So, do you want to join? You can send in the form on the back of the newsletter (also below). FHA looks forward to welcoming you! If your dock or homeowner association joins as a group, they can take a ten percent discount on the membership price. Please have your treasurer call Jann McFarland at 323-3489 for details.