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Dixie Pintler, former Seattle floating home owner, says:

In September of 2017 my nephew who  was visiting me from New York  was interested in seeing the Terry Pettus Park –when we arrived at the park I was stunned at the condition it was in. At first I just wanted to replace the sign at the park hoping to add some details about Terry’s life with a different style of sign. I sent photos to the park department– and the upshot of that — is the park dept. was extremely surprised at how badly deteriorated  it had become – it had fallen through the cracks. I spent months with various officials discussing options. Turns out the type of sign they use  is called a “Rainbow sign” and no words can be on it–  all park signs have to be uniform. Then we discussed the idea of a plaque which would have to be attached to a boulder which could be moved during the remodel of the park. Due to the photos I sent  to the city   they now have “short term” and “long term” plans to do a major remodel of the park. The long term plans are going to be fantastic– cement steps with a railing for a starter. Hopefully a water system will be installed– there is a question as to whether or not water is present and is hidden—or non-existent that is in research at the present. The short term plans include shrubs being planted in the park and the Terry Pettus Park sign will be replaced with a newer style. I have done the research and Mark Peek who lives  on a houseboat at Tenas Chuck part time is financing the project through the Pettus Trust.