What to expect from the new SMP Shoreline Master Program (SMC 23.60A.202)

Effective date: June 15, 2015

  • One code for all homes will replace the old conforming and non-conforming system.
  • No additional floating homes will be permitted.
  • Allowed floating homes are legally established or have a building permit on the effective date of the ordinance; or replace an existing, legally established floating home, or occupy a floating home moorage that is legally established.
  • Safe Harbor: New moorages are allowed to accommodate existing homes, up to five floating homes can be moved to an existed moorage or marina (up from two), there are no parking or minimum floating home site area requirements, modifications to the setback and float separation requirements are allowed throughout the safe harbor moorage, may move floating homes around on a street end in order to fit in a house needing safe harbor.
  • How High Can I Build It?: No portion of any addition to a floating home exceeds: 18 feet in height, as measured from the main deck or 3 feet above the surface of the water, whichever is lower. If current height is above 18 feet, new height may not exceed current height or 21 feet, whichever is lower.
  • Styrofoam: Unenclosed Styrofoam or similar material that has the potential to break apart is prohibited for use in new floats or for repairing or replacing all or parts of existing floats or for other purposes that would allow the broken pieces to enter the water.
  • Environmental BMPs: The Director by Director’s Rule may establish alternative best management practices to implement the requirements of Section 23.60A.155 or may add or clarify best management practices to minimize impacts on the aquatic environment based on the science and technical information described in WAC 173-26-201(2)(a) and consistent with RCW 90.58.270(5) and 90.58.270(6). The Director shall consult with the Floating Homes Association, Lake Union Liveaboard Association, and affected stakeholders concerning interpretation and enforcement of best management practices when adopting a rule.
  • Registration: One-time fee of $95, display registration number with numbers of your choice at least 3 inches high or use the plaque issued by the city