4 March 2014
It is quite amazing how many small collections of historic materials the FHA possesses. I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment with the task I’ve taken on as FHA archivist. And of course, as time passes we are collecting more  and more items.
In the past year we have attended MOHAI’s exhibit, which left us with photos, audio reports and a terrific record of our relationship with the city of Seattle. Also in 2013, the Floating Homes Association conducted a demographic study of our community which has provided both the city and our community a snapshot of who lives in our community, what brought people to Lake Union and Portage Bay and what keeps us here. It is no surprise to floating home owners that most of us are still here because ‘we live on a lake and can still enjoy all that city life offers’.
So here on this site I hope to share, from time to time interesting items from our collection. Did you know the first FHA tour happened in 1981? Since then there have been 18 tours. And 2014 is another tour year. For more tidbits on those earlier tours as well as other old news, please visit this page.
Marilyn Robertson