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Thursday May 18th, 2017

Dick Wagner Sail Past – On Sunday, May 21, there will be a Sail Past honoring Dick Wagner. It will leave The Center for Wooden Boats at 5 pm, led by the Virginia V, and travel west to east, north along the east side of Lake Union and then west down the Ship Canal to pass The Old Boathouse, where the idea of CWB was born. Then the flotilla will return to CWB. I thought the Floating Homes residents might want to know about this since Dick was a past-president of FHA. There also are Open houses at 3 pm at CWB before the flotilla and again at 7 pm after the boats return. Colleen Wagner and her sons will be present. Questions to Judie Romeo, Assistant to the Founding Director, The Center for Wooden Boats, 1010 Valley St. Seattle, WA 98109

Lake Union Buoys – Message from Jim Holmes, project manager at the city – “My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. At this point we do not have a date for buoy installation.  We are awaiting final approval from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  They are experiencing a severe backlog, and are unable to give us a time frame approval. When they are installed they will be a single line of five buoys that will flash during takeoff and landing.  Boat traffic will be encouraged to stay clear at that time.  Compliance is voluntary and there will be no enforcement.”

Tuesday, May 16th 2017

Remodeling rules – Amy Woods of Wandesford Dock would like to know if your dock has remodel/reconstruction rules for floating homes over and beyond the city/state laws and regulations can you please share them with me for our dock to consider? She is specifically looking for requirements for leased/rent docks, so if you live on one of those and have guidelines or suggestions that you would be willing to share please reply to this email and I will pass your message on to Amy.

Aurora Bridge – Justin Fujioka of WSDAT would like to remind you about  the upcoming open house on Stage 2 of WSDOT’s SR 99 Aurora Bridge painting project which will provide community members with an opportunity to learn more about the project and provide us with feedback. There is more information on the website’s  Westlake News section and you can contact Justin on 206-440-4690 or

Open house details

·         When: 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 13 (arrive any time)

·         Where: Seattle Pacific University, Upper Gwinn Commons, 3310 6th Ave. W., Seattle

2412 Westlake Ave N is starting reconstruction of their fire damaged office. You can find out more on the Westlake News section of the FHA website.

House sitter services – Dana Nohavec is a lifelong Seattleite who has always wanted to experience living on a houseboat.  She is a public school teacher of nearly 30 years in the Kent and Snoqualmie School Districts. 22 of these years at the same elementary school and says she has many local references. If you are interested please contact her on

Lake Union Navigational Buoys – The hunt for information is on-going. I have been passed on to my third USACE contact – hopefully third time’s a charm, it would be nice to get the heads up before Memorial Day!

Wildlife sightings abound – please send submissions to this email address! Thank you to Maggie Chon for sending in the photo at the top of the e-alert. Does anyone know what type of turtle it is?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

New FHA Board Members
Thank you to everyone who came along to the FHA annual General Meeting on Wednesday, and to our sponsors for their support of the event. There was a great turn out, drawn in part no doubt by the wonderful food Sue Jostrom and Susan Chatlos-Susor provided. There were excellent presentations from Puget Soundkeepers and the Harbor Patrol. Our President, John Leness, gave an update on the issues the FHA Board is currently working on, and the new board was elected. We said farewell to Mike Dellario, Libby Kutcipal and Joyce Black. New Board members elected at the meeting are Tom Campbell, Courtney Cooper, Raanan Schnitzer, Janet Williams and Elliot Wolf. You can read all about them and the rest of this year’s board here – . Committee membership will be decided at the next board meeting.

Puget Soundkeepers Alliance – as well as updating us on upcoming sweeps, dates for which you can see here , Puget Soundkeepers also gave us permission to share the letter their attorney sent to the relevant parties regarding legal action resulting from Phase One of the Aurora Bridge painting project. The letter from their attorney is 19 pages long, you will need to click on the arrow at the bottom of page one to advance to the next page. You can view it on the Westlake News section of the website, along with details of the WSDOT Phase 2 Open House on Tuesday June 13th. When work begins on the project, Puget Soundkeepers and the Harbor Patrol said to contact them if things go awry.

Harbor Patrol – As well as asking that floating home owners call 911 in the event of an emergency, so that all calls are logged and routed through the central switchboard, the harbor patrol mentioned how handy it is when docks have their number posted on the end of their dock. Bill Albert recently got a sign made for his dock by FastSigns who have locations in the U District and downtown. The Harbor Patrol officers also seconded the suggestion of another FHA member, that floating homes invest in air horns so that they can wake residents up easily in the event of an emergency. If you need to call Harbor Patrol after you have called 911, or if you want to report a non emergency like obstructions to navigation in the water, you can reach Harbor Patrol on 206 684-4071. You will find other important contacts on our website here. Harbor Patrol didn’t have any more info than we do about the Lake Union Navigational Buoys – everything is waiting on the USACE to issue a permit; we are waiting to hear back from Jacalen Printz at USACE and Jim Holmes in the city planning dept.

DNR Leases – John Leness and the FHA Legislative Committee is working with the DNR who wish to replace the existing variety of DNR leases with a single template for all lake residents and businesses. One FHA Member asked at the meeting how many people have leases and when they expire. The FHA does not have this information, but if residents want to tell us drop an email to and we can compile a list.

Dick Wagner – Sad news from Westlake.  Dick Wagner passed away last week, aged 84. For those who did not know Dick, he was on the Floating Homes Board starting in about 1972 and became President in 1976 and then again served on the Board after stepping down from the presidency in 1978. He lived in one of the oldest historic houseboats on Westlake at the Old Boathouse moorage. and started renting small boats from his dock in the early 1960s. He later moved the boats to the Center for Wooden Boats where he continued to run the center for many years. You can read his Seattle Times obituary here.

Making the Cut – Making the Cut is a group of organizations, institutions, and individuals working to commemorate the centennial of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, the Lake Washington Ship Canal, and the lowering of Lake Washington. You can find more information about the organisation, the history of the ship canal, and the events and programs they have planned here –

Ballard Locks Celebration – The USACE is celebrating the centennial of Chittenden Locks in Ballard this year. Lots of events have been organised, and you can see the details on their website starting May 5th and running through the end of July. You can read more here

Finally, as I mentioned at the meeting, if you are not already a member of the FHA we would love you to join. You can read all about why that’s a good idea here and you can sign up online here. We are especially interested in getting docks to sign up as a group, and offer a 10% discount to encourage you. Please email if you would like to find out how to do that.

Mon, April 10, 2017

  • FHA Annual Meeting – April 19th
  • FHA Board Meeting Minutes
  • Lake Union Buoys
  • Aurora Bridge – Phase Two Open House
  • Robin’s Nest Project  website
  • South Korean actress samples lif on the lake
  • Beer Tour coming to Gas Works Park

FHA Annual Meeting – Please join us at our next Annual General Meeting at 6 pm, Wednesday April 19th at the Lake Washington Rowing Club.  You do not have to be a member to come along – but we might try and persuade you to join! We will be updating you on the new template for DNR leases, and the progress we have made with Seattle City Light regarding the new electrical code for floating homes. You will also hear from the Harbor Patrol, and Puget Soundkeepers will be there to talk about the Aurora Bridge Project and the upcoming ‘sweeps’. In addition, we will be saying goodbye to some board members and welcoming new ones. The first 150 FHA members will be eligible for a free FHA waterproof phone pocket (one only per household)!

Board Minutes – The minutes of the March FHA Board Meeting have been posted at

Lake Union Buoys – Several people have asked what’s happening about the Lake Union Navigational Buoys. I have reached out to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle City DCI, Kenmore and the DNR. So far I have only heard back from Kenmore, who said that permitting is still awaited from USACE. I posted the answer I got from John Gowey, Director of Operations of Kenmore Air Seaplanes on the Eastlake News section of the FHA website.You can read it here.

Aurora Bridge – Phase Two Open House
Those of you who live in the immediate vicinity of the Aurora Bridge will know that phase one of the painting project was not without its issues. WSDOT have been meeting with the parties concerned and are holding an Open House on Tuesday, June 13 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Seattle Pacific University, Upper Gwinn Commons, 3310 6th Avenue W, Seattle. You can find more information about the meeting, and a link to the project website, on the Westlake/Northlake News section of the FHA Website.

Robin’s Nest Project Website
The developer started work on the project Monday April 3rd. He has told Portage Bay Place Neighbors and Friends (PBPN & F) that he is setting up a website ( to keep the neighborhood informed about construction information. The website should be up in a week or so.

South Korean Actress Samples Life on the Lake
The FHA Board’s very own Mike Dellario and Blair Robbins acted as hosts when a famous South Korean actress was in town recently. You can see highlights of her visit here 

Beer Camp on Tour at Gas Works Park
This is an upcoming beer tasting festival at Gas Works Park on Friday, June 30 from 5:00 PM- 10:00 PM. Beer Camp on Tour features 120 local and regional craft brewers, 10 food trucks, and local bands. Expected attendance is 3,500. For more information about this and other upcoming ECC events, visit the Eastlake News section of the FHA website.

Wed, March 16, 2017

2236 Fairview Ave E – the Early Design Guidance Review meeting is tonight at 6:30, full details are on the FHA website Eastlake News section.

Portage Bay Park – The University District is on track for a new waterfront park by late next year. Portage Bay Park will build upon Sakuma Viewpoint, a University of Washington-owned public space, next to Agua Verde. The 90% design proposal was presented to the Seattle Design Commission (SDC) in early January, garnering unanimous approval from the Commission based upon the proposal. One major change, however, was made to the proposal since the autumn.You can read all about it here

FHA Annual Meeting Reminder – all are welcome at the FHA Annual Meeting: April 19. Lake Washington Rowing Club. 6 p.m.

Eastlake Community Council will be hosting a Seattle history talk on Wed., March 22, 7 p.m. and an Egg Hunt and Race on Sat., April 15 at Rogers Playfield, 2500 Eastlake Ave. Details are on the FHA website Eastlake News page.

Wed, March 8, 2017

Portage Bay Place Neighbors and Friends – After a two-year effort PBN&F has reached an agreement with the developer of the former Red Robin property. They are satisfied that their major concerns have been addressed and have dropped their appeal. You can read all the details on the FHA website’s Portage Bay News section.

FHA Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the January and February FHA Board Meetings have been posted to the FHA Website. They include developments regarding renewal of DNR leases and ongoing negotiations with Seattle City Light to rewrite the electrical code.

Eastlake Workshop – Spencer Williams of the Office of Planning and Community Development invites you to an upcoming Eastlake Workshop on Monday, March 13th from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Where: Tops (K-8) School, 2500 Franklin Ave East, Seattle, WA 98102. The goals of this workshop are to support Eastlake’s community members to learn more and weigh in on changes proposed for the neighborhood as well as to help inform the Office of Planning and Community Development and City Council about your community’s vision for our Urban Village. For more infomration and RSVP details please visit the Eastlake News section of the FHA Website

Ride the Ducks Site – The FHA is aware that there has been activity at the Ride the Ducks on Fairview Ave this week, and is looking into what work is being done. If you would like to apprise yourself of the history of this situation you will find details of the agreement that was reached on the Eastlake Community Council website. We will pass on more information when we get it.

FHA Annual Meeting Reminder – all are welcome at the FHA Annual Meeting: April 19. Lake Washington Rowing Club. 6 p.m.

Eastlake Community Council will be hosting a Seattle history talk on Wed., March 22, 7 p.m. and an Egg Hunt and Race on Sat., April 15 at Rogers Playfield, 2500 Eastlake Ave. Details are on the FHA website Eastlake News page.

Friday, Feb 17, 2017

Floating Home Snow Photos – The snow thawed, the rain came and now the sun is shining. As a memento of the interesting weather we have had the last couple of weeks I have created a ‘Houseboats in the Snow’ gallery of photos submitted by FHA members which you can see here Please send any other photos if you are willing to share.

Cabaret – In case you missed this article in the paper – the exciting news is that it looks like there will be a new entertainment venue for us to enjoy on the lake soon With any luck we will be able to moor up nearby when we want to party!

Captain Mark Freeman died on January 16th. He owned the moorages at 2764/66 WLN (Westlake Cove) where he lived for many years and also was a part owner of the docks 2017/2019/2025 FVE now known as The Log foundation.  “He was one of the good guy moorage owners.  He was reluctant to sell the moorages to the home owners but did so – the Log Fn in 1984 and the Westlake moorages quite a few years later.” says Jann McFarland, Office Manager of the FHA and longtime resident of the Log Foundation.  Captain Freeman was the owner of Fremont Tug and his son now runs that business. You can read the full obituary of the Captain’s very interesting life here.

Lake level is going up – the US Army Corps of Engineers began raising the lake yesterday from its winter level of 20 feet to its summer level of 22 feet. You can read all about it here.

Moorage required – Does anyone know of a marina/location that can/will offer temporary moorage/storage for a floating home beginning May through August/September. The home is licensed but the owner can’t move it into its final moorage on his dock until then. It’s 35′ X 35’…Please contact Ranaan Schnitzer at with suggestions.

Long term rental sought – Alisha Robertson [] is moving to Seattle and looking for a long term floating home rental. Please can you contact her directly if you know of any.

Sun, Feb 5, 2017

Save the Date for the FHA Annual Meeting
The next Annual Meeting of the Floating Homes Association will take place on April 19th at the Lake Washington Rowing Club starting at 6 p.m. Please come and join us to meet your floating neighbors, and have your say about issues affecting floating home owners and dwellers.
PBPE & Friends
Click here for news from Portage Bay Place East / Red Robin Site Development
USS Turner Joy
Did you see the USS Turner Joy squeezing through Ballard Locks? If you missed it, you can see it here. The USS Turner Joy is now in Lake Union Dry Dock for an $800,000 refurbishment of the hull and will be open for tours when the work is finished in March.
Membership – Some of you will be receiving your FHA membership renewal notices – don’t forget you now have the easy option of renewing online here. If you didn’t join yet, now is the perfect time and you can use the same link.
Local News Sources
We have added a couple of local news sources (Lake Union Beat and Eastlake Community Council) to the homepage of the FHA website, If you know of others that should be featured please email
Tuesday, Feb. 7th @ 7 p.m – Eastlake Public Meeting with open mike to dream about and discuss neighborhood projects, needs, and priorities Tues., Feb. 7, 7 p.m. at TOPS-Seward School, 2500 Franklin Ave. E.. In this popular format, all comers can have some time at the “open mike” to discuss their preferred neighborhood needs/issues/questions, or react to others. Please speak out, or hear your neighbors out, on [your topic, or theirs, here].  Can’t come?  Please send your questions and thoughts to ECC at
Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to

Sun, Jan 15, 2017

Portage Bay Update – news of an appeal. To read more about the next steps the Portage Bay Place Neighbors and Friends (PBPN & F) are taking, click here

Find It, Fix It – did you know that there is an app you can use to report situations in your neighborhood that the city needs to address? You can find out more, and download the app, here

Lake Washington Elevations for December/January 2017 – We have loaded the data for December and January, plus a link to the US Army Corps of Engineers website here

MOHAI is hosting a ‘History Cafe’ event on Wednesday January 18th 6:30 – 7:30 pm  to celebrate Boeing turning 100. Maybe they will mention that Roanoke Reef sits on the site where the first Boeing aircraft was built?

Lastly, we would like to compile a list of dining locations with moorage to be included on the website. If you have suggestions please send them to

Mon, Jan 9, 2017

Online Membership Sign Up – we are delighted to announce that you now have the option to support us electronically. Head on over to our store if you didn’t already join or renew your membership. You will find options for supporters, residents, and advertisers here – FHA Membership Store. Thank you in advance for your support.

Membership Rewards – if you are still on the fence about joining, check out all the benefits of membership at Why Join?

December Meeting Minutes – the minutes of December’s FHA Board Meeting have been posted to the website here

Lake Union Webcams & Weather – We have included the weather forecast on the home page of the website and created a new page in the Neighborhood News section featuring webcams in Seattle and Lake Union. You can see them here. If you have ideas for other resources we could include please email them to

Eastlake Community Council has several meetings coming up regarding HALA upzones, homelessness, and the Burke Museum’s T-Rex amongst other things and Portage Bay Pl E News. Find out more here.

Portage bay Place E – for news about the land use decision in the project’s Master Use Permit (MUP) please click here

Sat, Dec 10, 2016

Holiday Boatique Update – Thank you to everyone who turned out to support the Holiday Boatique last weekend. Sales were brisk and it was lovely to visit with members and supporters, old and new. Now that we have the lovely new space available to us, thanks to the efforts of FHA Board Member Erik Johnson, we will be looking at opening the Floating Home Boatique more often. We will be adding new inventory now that some of the favorites are sold out, so watch out for news of when it will be available.

FHA Board Meeting Minutes – As part of our efforts to increase awareness of the work that your FHA Board is doing for you, we will be publishing a summary of the monthly meeting minutes online. You can view September and October’s minutes here

FHA Board Membership – A couple of our FHA Board members are reaching the end of their terms. If you are a floating home owner or resident who wants to make some fun new friends and help promote/preserve life afloat, email us at

Service Providers – We would like to improve the relevance of the website by expanding the list of vendors and contractors who provide services to residents of floating homes. If you have had a good experience with a vendor or contractor please can you send their contact details to so that we can ask them if they would like to be featured.

FHA Private Facebook Group – In the spirit of embracing social media, and to give floating home owners and residents an opportunity to share information with each other privately we have set up a closed Facebook group for floating home owners and residents. This is in addition to the open, public FB page which you will find here. Membership of the private group is by invitation only, and only members of the group can post to it or see posts on it. We have about 163 members so far. If you would like to join click here and click on ‘Join Group’ to request membership.

Instagram Floating Home Photos – Did you know that FHA is on Instagram? You will find us at #seattlefloatinghomes – feel free to tag any of your own photos that offer insight into this unique way of life!

Email Addresses – Please can you ask the other residents on your dock if they received this email. If they did not please can you forward it to them? We would like to include all floating home residents and owners in our communication. To be included please either send contact details (name, dock, email address) to or go to to subscribe to this mailing list.

Fri, Dec 02, 2016

A quick reminder that the Floating Homes Association looks forward to welcoming you to the annual Holiday Boatique this Sunday, December 4th, from 10 am – 5 pm. Get a jump start on holiday shopping with our new and classic merchandise!! Check out the 2017 calendar and note card sets featuring the beautiful floating homes that were on our recent Peaceful Portage Bay Home Tour! Full details and photographs of other products that will be on sale are here. Come see the recently reopened FHA Office, buy in support of FHA, and mingle with friends and neighbors in the spirit of the season. We hope to see you there Happy Holidays!

Fri, Oct 28  2016

Thanks to Susan Kopczynski Jostrom and her Social Committee for organizing tonight’s Docktoberfest – did we mention that its free?! Just another example of your FHA promoting goodwill in our community. Let us know if you have suggestions for other events you would like to see planned!

When: Friday, October 28th, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Where: The Center for Wooden Boats, South Lake Union
What: Lite bites, great brew
Why: To meet your floating home neighbors
This event is free!
Featuring live music from Seattle’s finest old time famous and iconic Canote Brothers 

Sun, Oct 02, 2016

Bob West
For those of you who may have not yet heard, Bob West (of Wandesforde Dock) died of cancer at the age of 74 on July 31, 2016. A gathering to celebrate his life is being organized by family and friends. Everyone who knew him is invited. Further information about his life and a guest book is available onlinehere You are invited to join the friends and family of Bob West in an informal celebration of his life at the Royal Room, 5000 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 10, 2016. Please RSVP to if you will be attending.

FHA Website Updates
Obituaries Page – 
As a way of honoring former FHA residents we have created an Obituary section on the History section of the FHA website which you can see here Please send all relevant information to
FHA Tour Page – Visit the page for a message from Bridgetender Barb Abelhauser. 

Arrival of new Portage Bay floating homes delayed
Joan Rosenstock will be demolishing 2 floating homes to make room for 2 new ones that she’s built in Canada on concrete floats. The delivery of the two new floating homes to Portage Bay has been delayed until November. Anyone with questions should contact Joan who can be reached at 206-550-4323 or

Tennessee Valley FHA
If you have been following developments in the TVA floating homes story you will know that they recently made some progress but have a long way to go. Here is a message they sent our Office Manager Jann McFarland recently:

Dear Jann McFarland,
Thank you for your donation of 100.00 to the Tennessee Valley Floating Homes Alliance. We appreciate your support. The donations collected are being used for legal expenses we are incurring from hiring a public policy advocate. More information is detailed on the website
Please continue help us spread the word by asking friends and family to join the Tennessee Valley Floating Home Alliance, and ask them to consider donating as well. Our new website is up and running and donations can be made through a secure PayPal account. Please visit us at
Sincerely, Mike Wilks, Board President, TVFHA Board of Directors

LUDC Hosting City Wide Meeting October 3rd
Lake Union District Council (LUDC) will be hosting host a special citywide public meeting at which members, friends, and supporters of the 13 district councils will discuss how to respond to Mayor Ed Murray’s effort to diminish or eliminate the district councils as official City advisory bodies.  The meeting will be Monday, Oct. 3, 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Agora Conference Center, 1551 Eastlake Avenue East.  The building is between Eastlake Ave. and Fairview Ave. E., and between E. Garfield St. and E. Galer St.   Metro bus access is by route 70.  Car parking is available on-site or nearby on Fairview Avenue East. LUDC chair Suzie Burke will be there along with Eastlake City Council chair Chris Lehman.  he Eastlake Community Council is constructing a web page with information and links about the district councils issue.  It is available at or by clicking here.

UW Botanic Gardens – Meet Seattle’s Urban Beavers
When: Monday, Oct. 3, 2016, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Where: UW Botanic Gardens – Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105)
Cost: Free! (Your $5 at the door donation supports our education programs)
Please RSVP online, by phone (206-685-8033) or by email (

ECC Annual Elections meeting —  Tues., Oct. 4  7– 9:30 p.m. at Pocock Rowing Center.  Watch and participate in debates among candidates for state office; and pro and con sides on state and local ballot measures. The agenda includes Roanoke Reef resident Dan Shih who is a candidate for district 43, and the candidates for Commissioner of Public Lands (DNR): Hilary Franz and Steve McLaughlin.

ECC forum on parking issues in Eastlake; and kickoff for the Eastlake parking survey — Tues., Oct. 18 7-9 p.m. at Pocock Rowing Center (please volunteer to help with the parking survey, to

If you have information you would like to see included in e-alerts sent out to our members please email

Fri, Sep 23, 2016

Public Notice For NWS-2008-1246-; WA ST DOT -Request For Comments‏

PROJECT NUMBER: NWS-2008-1246-, King County, WA ST Dept of Transportation PROJECT MANAGER: Rebecca McAndrew TELEPHONE: 2067646912 E-MAIL: Click on this link PROJECT NUMBER: NWS-2008-1246 to see the Public Notice for a proposed project where a permit is being requested from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District. It is regarding the removal of the 520 bridge and the impact it will have on the surrounding environment.

To provide any project specific comments in writing or by e-mail, please visit the link below and follow the instructions outlined in the “How to Submit Comments” section. Http://

Fri, Sep 23, 2016

Seattle’s Urban Beavers

UW Botanic Gardens – Meet Seattle’s Urban Beavers
When: Monday, Oct. 3, 2016, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Where: UW Botanic Gardens – Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105)
Description: Since their near eradication in the early 20th century, beavers have made a surprising comeback. Today, beavers have returned to many streams and waterways of Seattle, including Yesler Swamp in the Center for Urban Horticulture’s backyard. Come join us as we discuss beavers, tour their work, and potentially view some busy beavers in action. Ben Dittbrenner (UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences), will provide a presentation on beaver life history and ecology. Samantha Everett, local beaver expert, will lead a tour through Yesler Swamp, stopping at active beaver areas with some potential beaver viewing at dusk.
Cost: Free! (Your $5 at the door donation supports our education programs)
Please RSVP online, by phone (206-685-8033) or by email (
Ticket Link:
Campus Room: Douglas Classroom
Presenter: Ben Dittbrenner, Samantha Everett, local beaver experts
Website Link:

Sun, Sep 18, 2016

FHA Tour Director Thanks

The 2016 Floating Homes Tour was a huge success – we would like to extend a heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ to all participating floating homeowners, volunteers, committee members and ticket buying supporters. Please visit our site here for more details, and the date of the next tour!

Tue, Sep 13, 2016

Docktoberfest – October 28th, 6:30 – 9:00 at the Center for Wooden Boats

More information available at 

Thu, Sep 01, 2016

Tour Info About Portage Bay

The Floating Home Association presents the 2016 Floating Home Tour on Sept. 11, from noon to 5 p.m. We need volunteers! In exchange for your service, you will receive a free ticket to the tour. Please sign up at here, or contact Erik at Among other things, volunteers will be asked to make sure that visitors stay on the tour route, and may place signs and/or orange cones in front of docks or areas of docks that should not be accessed.

This year the tour takes place exclusively in Portage Bay. The FHA has not offered tours of homes in this neighborhood for fifteen years, and we ask for our neighbors’ understanding and support of this event (including the added brief density the afternoon will bring). To mitigate traffic and parking concerns, ticket holders are informed of limited parking at Queen City Yacht Club as well as Pocock Rowing Center, and are encouraged to please take mass transit. We will also place a ‘no tour parking’ cone at the head of Portage Bay Place East and Fuhrman Ave. East. This is being billed as a walking tour. If you have any specific concerns and/or would like to let the FHA Tour Committee know that you would like to have a “not on tour” sign placed at the head of your dock, please contact: Tour Director – Sue Jostrom 206-455-4494

Please remember this is the FHA’s one and only fund raiser, and supports the FHA for two years. And if you are fortunate enough to live on a floating home, please keep in mind the good and necessary work the FHA has done and continues to do on behalf of its members.

Thanks for your help, neighbors! Hope to see you on the 11th.

Margaret Chon
+1 206 755 3101

Sat, Aug 27, 2016

Portage Bay Pruning And Fairview Bridge Issues

Portage Bay Place East
between the Eastlake Ave E underpass and the end of the street
Tue. Aug. 30 and Wed. Aug. 31   7 AM – 3 PM
*Weather permitting
At the times and location listed above:

  • SDOT crews will prune overgrown vegetation and trees in the right-of-way.  This work will improve access for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles responding to homes on Portage Bay Place E.
  • Nearly all parking on or adjacent to the street will be restricted.
    • 72 hours before the work starts and parking restrictions begin, all areas of parking restrictions will be designated by “NO PARKING” signs on the street.
    • Parking will be allowed outside of the work hours (e.g. Tues. evening/night.)
    • Because this street is very narrow, private vehicles need to be removed to provide space for equipment and to eliminate any potential for damage to private vehicles during the work.
  • The street will be closed to all traffic.

If you prefer to prune your trees or vegetation yourself or to hire a contractor, please complete the pruning by Monday, Aug. 29.

  • For information on how to get a tree pruning permit or how to prune your trees, please visit:  or call 206-684-TREE (8733).
  • In Seattle, vegetation management and private tree pruning in the right-of-way is the responsibility of the property owner. If you cannot trim vegetation and prune your trees by August 29, SDOT will complete this work once as a courtesy.  Future, continued maintenance is the property owner’s responsibility.

We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience.
It is imperative to provide lifesaving emergency vehicles access to your property. The Seattle Fire Department inspected the area with SDOT to determine the need for this work.

Fairview bridge issues

The Seattle Department of Transportation plans to totally demolish the Fairview Avenue North bridge (actually two connected bridges) and build an entirely new one. For what SDOT plans to do, see the project web site. The Eastlake Community Council is concerned that the SDOT alternative is in conflict with recommendations it received from outside engineers that SDOT consulted with about how much of the bridge to demolish. You read all about the issue here 

Mon, Aug 15, 2016

Attempted Burglary & Memorial Service

Paul Kraabel Memorial
Paul Kraabel, former Seattle City Council member and Council President passed away on Friday. He was active in drafting and getting the floating home Equity Ordinance passed in the early 1980s.  The ordinance was to protect floating home owners from moorage owners who were using the de facto monopoly to unreasonably raise moorage rates and threaten evictions. He later moved to the  floating home community.  A memorial service will be held 2 pm Sunday, August 21st at the Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway at Seattle Central College.

Portage Bay Attempted Burglary and Home Invasion
Near the University Bridge, around midnight on Friday, August 12, an older floating home owner happened to be awake when she heard a noise on her deck.  She was having work done on her home and, thinking a tool fell over, she went outside and found a young man who said he was “looking for some friends… and for the office for the floating homes.”  At first she thought he was just confused and told him where the Eastlake office is.  He left quietly, but afterwards she realized her shed had been opened and tools laid on the deck, ready to be stolen.

A few minutes later, a person believed to be the same man went to an adjacent dock.  There, he entered a floating home whose door was open due to the warm weather.  He was more than 10 feet inside the home when confronted by the owner, who jumped up and yelled at him to leave, which he did.

SPD arrived within 10 minutes, searched the area, but found nothing and no one.  Thankfully, neither incident resulted in more than a good scare.  Unfortunately, the potential for a much worse outcome was very real and troubling.

Please remember:

  • Day or night, be mindful of doors and windows left open, especially during warm weather.
  • Crime can increase in areas where construction is going on, both because there are strangers around (who aren’t challenged because they’re assumed to be workmen or women) and there will be tools in the area (and may attract thieves).
  • Trust your gut!  If you see something, say something.  Call 911, and then call Harbor Patrol (206-684-4071)
  • If an unknown person knocks on your door – don’t open it. Talk through the door.
  • Consider installing motion-sensitive lighting.
  • Post your address in clearly visible reflective letters/numbers that can be seen from both land and water so first responders can find you.
  • Report all crimes to SPD, even ones you consider inconsequential. That will help when SPD is making decisions about future police resources.

More information can be found at:

Thank you, and stay safe.
Bill Albert
Chairman, Safety and Security Committee

Sat, Aug 22, 2016

Pruning On Portage Bay

Where: The Entire Length of Portage Bay Place East
When:   As early as Monday Aug. 29

As early as August 29th, SDOT crews will prune overgrown trees and other vegetation in the right-of-way of the entire length of Portage Bay Place East (from Furman Ave E just west of Eastlake Ave E to the dead end near E Allison St.)

This work will maintain access for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

If you prefer to prune your trees or vegetation yourself or to hire a contractor, please complete the pruning before Monday, Aug. 29.

  • If you are pruning trees growing in the street right-of-way, a tree pruning permit is required.  Tree pruning permits are free if no specialized equipment is used.
  • For information on how to get a tree pruning permit or how to prune your trees, please visit:  or call 206-684-TREE (8733).

In Seattle, trees and other vegetation must provide 14 feet of clearance above the street.  Vegetation management and private tree pruning within the public right-of-way is the responsibility of the property owner. If you cannot trim vegetation and prune your trees by August 29, SDOT will complete this work once as a courtesy.  Future, continued maintenance is the property owner’s responsibility.

By mid-August we will provide the exact date of the pruning work.
On the day of the pruning, there will be no parking on or adjacent to Portage Bay Place.   Because this street is very narrow, private vehicles need to be removed to provide space for equipment and to eliminate any potential for damage to private vehicles during the pruning work.  We apologize for this inconvenience; it is part of the process of providing access to emergency vehicles to your property.
Thank you for your cooperation!

David Allen, Seattle Department of Transportation  (206) 733-9302
For interpretation services, please call (206) 733-9990

Mon, Aug 1, 2016

Lake Union Float Plane Navigation Buoys

The revised plan has been published by US Army Corps of Engineers and the public comment period is open until August 9th. US ACE is having website issues, but you can send your comments to Darren Habel, Project Manager, Regulatory Branch, Seattle District Corps of Engineers You can see the revised plan on the FHA website here. There are four pages so you will want to use the arrows in the bottom left corner to view them all.

Fri, Jul 29, 2016

Lake Union Float Plane Navigation Buoys
The US ACE will be posting this in their website this afternoon ( There will be a public comments opportunity until August 9th. Hopefully they will include the link to that as well. This is what the revision says:

REVISION: This revises a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Washington State Department of Ecology
Joint Public Notice dated August 19, 2015.
The corrected information is as follows:
Based on comments received, the design for the proposed project has changed. The revised proposal is to install five navigational buoys to demarcate a seaplane take-off and landing zone. The previous design was to install eight buoys to form a “box” area for planes to take-off and land. The new design has the five buoys in a line, so the planes can take -off or land on either side of the buoys. Each buoy would be equipped with lights and signage and prior to take-offs and landings the pilot will activate the buoys to advise boaters that a seaplane is attempting to take off or land. Based on lake traffic, the pilot will determine where the plane will take-off or land. The buoys would be located in depths of up to 35 feet and connected by galvanized metal chain to a helical screw anchor. Installation would take place from a boat or barge, utilizing divers. No excavation or fill is proposed. In addition, the buoys will be placed seasonally, to avoid Muckleshoot Tribal fishermen. The buoys will be installed within 5 days of Memorial Day and removed within 5 days of Labor Day. In the event of a summer Tribal fishery, the buoys will be removed and re-installed once the fishery has concluded. All other information shown on Public Notice NWS-2014-1186 remains unchanged. You can see that here

Lake Elevation – No news is good news!
We received this message from Bill Dowell of the US ACE:
What is boils down to is you haven’t heard from us because there is nothing to report, no news is good news. As of today, Lake Washington’s level is about half a foot higher than the same day last year. That 6 inches means a lot and really the differences have been, we’re getting some rain and the cooler temperatures. I can assure you we’re still keeping an eye on things — having monthly meetings, looking at forecasts and verifying operating procedures. Even though we initially had concerns, the weather has been cooperating. We understand and value the floating home community as a stakeholder and I will continue to communicate to you.

Questions, comments or suggestions to

Mon, Jul 25, 2016

Sunday, September 11, 12PM to 5PM
“Peaceful Portage Bay” – Featuring 13 unique floating homes hidden on the banks of Seattle’s Portage Bay

Tour Tickets are going on sale today at

This year there Blair Robbins has also arranged an exclusive Progressive Dinner Tour for September 8th. Tickets for this event are also being sold at

Details of both events are available on our website . If you want to volunteer at the event this is the sign up link

FHA Newsletter Archive
I have added Bill Keasler’s archive of FHA newsletters to the website here. The newsletters provide a fascinating insight into more than 50 years history of Lake Union, as well as the floating homes – the development of gas works and the street end parks, the holiday cruises on the Virginia V, the start of sea plane rides to Vancouver, the problems with managing the quality and elevation of lake water, and the constant struggle of the houseboat owners to stay on docks. Did you know that FHA membership Dues were $12 a year in 77, the same buying power as $47.73 in 2016? Just goes to show that belonging to the FHA is still a bargain, and if you didn’t join up yet it’s time to head on over to!

Portage Bay News – Lois Loontjens has provided an update about the Red Robin development and a social opportunity which I have posted on the Neighborhood News section here If you have news from your part of the lake do let me know so I can share!

Old Growth Cedar Logs
Joan Rosenstock will be demolishing 2 floating homes to make room for 2 new ones that she’s built in Canada on concrete floats. They will be brought to Portage Bay on September 29, and the old growth cedar logs will be available to whoever wants them from October 1 – 3. Joan can be reached at 206-550-4323 or

Mon, Jul 18, 2016

Floating Homes Tour Update
Planning for this year’s tour is going full steam ahead thanks to the efforts of Sue Jostrom who has signed up twelve floating homes in Portage Bay as well as the University Bridge House. A huge thank you to those of you who have volunteered your homes – the tour would not be possible without you!  More details will be available later in the month and tickets will go on sale on July 25th here. Volunteers are required on the day to help the event run smoothly; if you are available we would love you to sign up here.

Portage Bay Place E News
The developer has prepared a new plan set and has responded to the City’s requests for correction and information. On July 8, Seattle City Light issued a correction notice: the proposed building does not meet minimum clearance requirements from the overhead secondary service line which serves the adjacent building; the service must be relocated at the project’s expense.
Once the developer has made all corrections, the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) reviews the corrected plans, prepares a Master Use Decision document and publishes the decision. You can read more here

Chiara Carcano’s Photos
Chiara Carcano visited some of the docks at the time of the summer solstice to take photos for the 2016 Long Shot organised by the Photographic Center Northwest in June. Chiara very graciously allowed us to share her beautiful photographs. You can see them here

The Floating Homes Association website has been getting a bit of a makeover. The menus have been rearranged and we are in the process of updating the content. A search tool has been added to the home page to make finding information easier. If there are things you would like to see on the website please let us know.

News of Raccoon Activity from Alix Wandesforde-Smith 
A neighbor was attacked on our dock (Wandesforde Dock) last night by raccoons. She is okay but we want to spread the word so folks can be on alert.The attack occurred at about 10:50 pm as she was walking back to her house with her dog. One came out from under the dock initially and then another came out shortly after the first. They started biting her and she tried to flee as quickly as possible. There may have been a third, but she isn’t sure as she was trying to get away from them as fast as possible. She carries bear spray but was unable to get to it before they started biting her.

They did not bite her dog, they only bit her and as a result she had 18 injections between lidocaine and rabies treatment, plus a few stitches. She had seen a large raccoon on her deck in the afternoon so please be alert during the day and at night. She estimates the raccoons were 20-30 pounds each, but the one she saw during the day was a bit larger.

She called the Fish and Wildlife office who indicated there was nothing they can do but recommend someone to trap and euthanize the raccoons. She adds that the person she spoke with was surprised to hear there were raccoons and wanted to verify they weren’t otters. That seems odd since we’ve had attacks in our neighborhood throughout the last year that have been reported. Can anyone who has set out traps recently let us know who you used and what the results were? You can send information to

Email Addresses
Please can you ask the other residents on your dock if they received this email. If they did not please can you forward it to them? We would like to include all floating home residents and owners in our communication. To be included please either send contact details (name, dock, email address) to or subscribe to this mailing list here.

Sun, Jul 03, 2016: You will find 4th July Planning Information from the Eastlake Community Council here, and a rather useful map of tomorrow’s parking opportunities courtesy of Curt Milton of Eastlake Social Club here. As with any great party there is always the cleanup of your back yard afterwards.  For Seattle floating home residents, Lake Union is are back yard and, as stewards of the lake, everyone is invited to help out.  Between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30, join other volunteers in cleaning up our streets and shores after the fireworks and crowds. Meet at Louisa street-end park to pick up empty bags and drop off full ones on Fairview Avenue E., a block south of Roanoke Street. A picnic lunch will be available at Lake Union Park following the cleanup. Signup (not required) here where you can also find info about cleanup efforts over water (some kayaks are available to borrow). Please pass this email on to your neighbors and remind them that they can subscribe to our mailing list here.

Fri, Jun 17, 2016: 

Notice of Violations Survey

In response to an unusually large number of notices that the city issued to owners of floating homes late last year and widespread confusion about what work requires an exemption under the shoreline act or a permit we are monitoring Department of Construction and Inspections (DCI formerly DPD). If you have received a Notice of Violation (NoV) either last year or this, it would be helpful if you would fill out the form you using the link below. Please note that the FHA cannot provide legal advice to homeowners at this time.

FHA Private Facebook Group

In the spirit of embracing social media, and to give floating home owners and residents an opportunity to share information with each other privately we have set up a closed Facebook group for floating home owners and residents. This is in addition to the open, public FB page which you will find here. Membership of the private group is by invitation only, and only members can post to it or see posts on it. I will be sending an invite to everyone whose email address we have in our database. Floating home owners and residents who do not receive the invite can go to and click on ‘Join Group’ to request membership.

Updated FHA Committee Membership

If you are a floating home owner or resident you are eligible to join a committee! You can view details of the committees here  Please email the chair of the committee you are interested in joining or email to be put in touch.

Portage Bay Update

The latest update from the Portage Bay Place Neighbors and Friends (PBPN & F) has been posted to the Seattle FHA website. You can read it here

Update the FHA Website Photos

We would love to update some of the images on the website. If you have relevant photos that you would be willing to share please send them to

Email Addresses

Please can you ask the other residents on your dock if they received this email. If they did not please can you forward it to them? We would like to include all floating home residents and owners in our communication. To be included please either send contact details (name, dock, email address) to or go to to subscribe to this mailing list.

Mon, May 09, 2016: As a result of the partnership FHA has been building with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we are able to bring you the latest information regarding lake levels. After a really good start, the lake is currently at elevation 21.8 feet, typical for early May and consistent with normal annual operations. However, because of recent dry conditions and forecasts, and significantly earlier than normal snowmelt, Corps water managers intend to complete refill by mid-May instead of the usual June 1 target date. Getting the lake to 22 feet is extremely important since every inch of water in the 2-foot operating band is needed for fish passage, lockages, and managing water quality throughout the season. Vessel owners should closely monitor lake elevations and adjust mooring lines as necessary. Look out for updates on the Seattle FHA website as we go through the summer.