The Seattle Floating Homes Association relies on volunteers to stay afloat. The FHA Board of Directors is a group of volunteers responsible for making sure the Floating Homes Association remains true to its mission, safeguards its assets and operates in the public interest. The Board constantly asks the question: Does the FHA mission continue to serve the intended constituents?  If not, the board works to refine the mission. The following FHA members make up the volunteer Board of Directors from the four regions around Lake Union and Portage Bay.


Members at Large:

  • Portage Bay – Bill Albert, Tom Campbell, Courtney Cooper, Susan Chatlos-Susor, and Raanan Schnitzer,
  • Westlake – Dave Chappelle and Janet Williams
  • Eastlake – Erik Johnson, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Peter Erickson, and Elliott Wolf

Office Manager:

2017-18 Board Member Bios:


President – John Leness has lived on The Lake Union dock for seven years.  He currently serves as treasurer for his dock and as a Chairman and President of Southworth Company, a manufacturer of specialty technical papers, cards and gifts.  John is also a lifelong sailor and oarsman.

Vice President – Sue Jostrom and her husband have lived on a floating home for almost ten years. She currently works as a freelance editor and writer, and enjoys traveling, bicycling, and sailing. She and her husband recently sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. This is her fifth year on the FHA board. During 2016 she chaired the committee that organized the very successful Tour.

Secretary – Maggie Chon lives on Portage Bay. Maggie has attempted to be an upstanding citizen by serving on several non-profit boards related to the legal profession over the past 20+ years. Since 1996 she has been a faculty member at Seattle University School of Law where she engages in numerous service activities related to the law school, university and beyond.

Incumbent Board Members:

Dave Chappelle lives at 2466 WestlakeHe has served as the FHA’s liason to Puget Soundkeepers and represented the FHA during the design and building of the Westlake Cycletrack.

Tom Hesselbrock lives at Lees Moorings in Fremont.  He serves as Treasurer to the FHA.

Blair Robbins currently lives on the Log Foundation dock and has lived in the floating home community for thirty years.  Following a career in film, she returned to her roots in fine art and is now a sculptor and painter.  She joined the FHA Board two years ago and is chair of the Floating Home Boatique.  She has developed new products and manages sales, including the Holiday Boatique.

Board Members not up for re-election: Sarah Morlidge, Peter Erickson, Erik Johnson

New Board Members:

Tom Campbell lives in a rental on Willow Cove dock, also known as the old Fisher dock in Portage Bay. They moved there from Fremont February 2016, though they both moved to Seattle in 2012-2103 from western Colorado, where they had been for about 8 years. They both grew up in New England. He is a manufacturing engineer for LMI Aerospace in Everett, and likes to run and bike and kayak and paddleboard and mess about in boats

Courtney Cooper lives on Portage Bay.  She is a realtor and knows the houseboat community well.  She has worked extensively on the tour since 2010 with both volunteers and more recently made the ticket and posters for the last two tours.

Raanan Schnitzer (pronounced Rah-ah-nahn) has been living in his floating home on Portage Bay for sixteen months. However, he is no stranger to life on the water. His claim to faim was the time he spent working on and living in a 56′ Ed Monk yacht in the AGC marina on Westlake Avenue immediately prior. When not staving off the ever persistent chill of winter on the H2O, Raanan enjoys the little things that you would expect of someone living in the Pacific NW.

Janet Williams moved here a year and a half ago from New Jersey.  She lives with her elderly cat at 2466 Westlake and has a son in Eastlake.  She spent her career at a university back east, and now works part-time as a research consultant (in psychiatry).  Her favorite causes are preserving the environment (including keeping Lake Union clean), the empowerment of women, and protection of animals.

Elliot Wolf has owned a houseboat since 1971 and currently lives at Flo Villa.  He is the founder and owner of the oldest self-publishing house in the nation and has been publishing books for 46 years. He appreciates life on the water and even commutes to work at his office just east of the University Bridge on his Arabian Water Donkey (jet ski) every day.

Board Roster with Contacts


President: John Leness

Vice President: Sue Jostrom

Secretary: Margaret (Maggie) Chon

Treasurer: Tom Hesselbrock


Bill Albert

D Thomas Campbell

Dave Chappelle

Courtney Cooper

Peter Erickson

Erik Johnson

Sarah Morlidge

Blair Robbins

Raanan Schnitzer

Susan Susor

Janet Williams

Elliott Wolf