MINUTES – Wednesday, March 3, 2020 7:00 PM

Location: Courtney Cooper’s floating home

Present: Janet Williams, John Leness, Sharon Morken, Blair Robbins, Courtney Cooper, Michael Smith, Elliott Wolff

Excused: Susan Susor, Peter Erickson, Sarah Morlidge, Karen Mooney, Joan Rosenstock

Guest: Omar Akkari, Shoreline Street Ends Program Coordinator – with handout

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:20 pm.

Approval of minutes: March (m/s/p). Minutes assumed to be approved.

Shoreline Street Ends Information Session with Omar Akkari – www.seattle.gov/transportation/stuse_stends.htm

Street end issues are handled by the Street Use Division of the Transportation Dept. They are also in charge of street closing, street cafes, etc. Governed by the principles of sustainability and liveability, ensuring the protection of public shoreline water access wherever possible. A map showing all public launch sites will be posted soon. Omar will have an information table at our annual meeting to discuss his division’s goals and answer questions.

Annual meeting is planned for April 22 at the Tyee Yacht Club at 3229 Fairview Ave E. The meeting will run from 6-8:30, the first hour being a social hour. The event will be catered. Tables will be set up to recruit new members to the FHA and volunteers for the floating homes tour in September. We are trying to bring in speakers who could address issues about replacing infrastructure (methods, costs) since many of the docks are aging. At the annual meeting, we also plan to include an update on seaplane issues.

New Board members will be introduced at the annual meeting. We will invite them to come to our April 1 FHA Board meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for April 1, including happy hour with  new board members at East Lake Bar and Grill.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Janet Williams, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, February 5, 2020 7:00 PM

Location: Blair’s home

Present: Janet Williams, John Leness, Sharon Morken, Blair Robbins, Sarah Morlidge, Joan Rosenstock, Karen Mooney, Courtney Cooper

Excused: Susan Susor, Peter Erickson, Michael Smith, Elliott Wolff

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:20 pm.

Approval of minutes: January (m/s/p). Minutes approved.

Treasurer report – Budget was sent around and looks fine; tax return is filed.

Seaplanes – The coalition has not been able to raise much money, so the FHA will continue to support this effort. Kenmore is in discussions about docks in Elliott Bay in the summer.

A representative of the 2420 dock contacted John with questions about infrastructure issues and dock upgrades. What are the costs? What should docks be planning for? What financial reserves should a dock have? Courtney’s dock upgraded recently, so she is available to answer questions. The City’s electrical requirements are still up in the air.

Recruiting new Board members – Bob Burke will step up to join the Board. Jack and Mary Beth Quick will take on the Houseboatique from John’s dock. Dave Chappelle will join the Board and take on environmental issues. Blair Robbins, sadly, rotates off the Board.

Annual meeting – We still need a date and location for the annual meeting. The goal is to nail down a venue and date within the next two weeks. Then Sarah will make posters that will be distributed at our next meeting for distribution by Board members to the head of every dock.

Issues for Annual Meeting to be discussed, including the possibility of having a table with vendors for information on dock upgrades.

Elliott Wolff, a member of the membership committee, wants to send out a letter to recruit new members. Sarah gave him a list of floating home street addresses.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 4 at Courtney’s house.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Williams, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, January 8, 2020 7:00 PM

APPROVED at 2/5/20 board meeting

Location: Janet Williams’ floating home

Present: Janet Williams, John Leness, Sharon Morken, Blair Robbins, Elliott Wolff, Sarah Morlidge Michael Smith, Joan Rosenstock

Excused: Tom Campbell, Susan Susor, Courtney Cooper, Karen Mooney, Peter Erickson

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 pm.

Approval of minutes: December (m/s/p). Minutes approved.

Treasurer report – Financials are basically unchanged from last month.  Year-end financials and payroll/business tax returns are being prepared ready for the February board meeting.

Houseboatique – Our thanks to John Leness for making needed repairs to the cottage.  Also, a huge FHA thank you to Blair Robbins, who has profitably managed this for several years but will soon be rotating off the board.  The recent Christmas sale was very successful, and nearly all of the volunteer-made wreaths were sold.  There were also many orders for the cookbook, more of which need to be stocked at the cottage.

New board members – John will make a list of who goes off the Board this year, and we will start recruiting. We need 4-5 new people; still need a VP who may eventually move up to President.

Annual meeting – We still need a date and location for the annual meeting. We will explore the Swedish club again, and April 15, 22, or 29th. 4-10 PM. Elliott Wolff, head of the membership committee, wants to send out a letter to recruit new members.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 5 at Blair’s house.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Williams, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, December 4, 2019   7:00 PM 
APPROVED at 1/8/20 board meeting 

Location:  Janet Williams’ floating home

Present: Peter Erickson, Janet Williams, John Leness, Sharon Morken, Blair Robbins, Karen Mooney, Elliott Wolff, Susan Susor

Excused: Tom Campbell, Sarah Morlidge, Michael Smith, Joan Rosenstock, Courtney Cooper

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 pm.

Approval of minutes: November (m/s/p).  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report – No expenses last month.  Karen will submit a final budget at next month’s meeting.  Karen has asked for another board member to review her accounting; John Leness agreed to do so.

Brief discussion of the tour next September –  Still planned for both sides of the lake, with electric boats doing the transporting across the lake.  Sharon mentioned admission price possibilities, such as charging extra for an early bird entrance.  Probably tourists will be given a specific time, so we can spread out the crowds.

“Docktoberfest” – discussion about possibly planning for later this year.  Karen will ask about the availability of the Argosy boat called Champagne Lady.  Later discussion leaned toward using this boat to recruit new board members.

Terry Pettus Park – John emailed Alex Petersen, the city council representative of that area because the council meeting this past week discussed getting the city to buy Pettus Park.

Floatplanes – the Seaplane Environmental Coalition (SEC) has a web site (saveLakeUnion.com) that depicts a runway down the center of the lake, which was one of Kenmore’s proposals.  Peter and John met with Kenmore and discussed problematic issues laid out on the website.  Kenmore had also asked the Harbor Police to patrol the buoys marking the runway, and the SEC stated that Kenmore should patrol the single line of buoys themselves.  Other problems discussed include the lack of visibility of the buoys, especially in daylight, and the need to educate all users of the lake about the purpose of the buoys.  The SEC is trying to get a lake use plan agreed upon by all the stakeholders, and then it will be presented to the city.  If the city will not deal with it, the state will be approached.

Houseboatique – notices have been posted about the Houseboatique on Sunday, December 8 from 10-4.  An E-alert will also be sent out just before the event.  Wreaths will be available for sale for the first time ($35-55).

Electrical code – No news.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 8 at Karen Mooney’s (2466 Westlake Ave N, #6)

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:29 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Janet Williams, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 7:00 PM  

APPROVED at 12/4/19 board meeting 

Location:  Courtney Coopers’ houseboat  

Present: Peter Erickson, Janet Williams, Sarah Morlidge, John Leness, Courtney Cooper, Sharon Morken, Michael Smith, Joan Rosenstock

Excused: Tom Campbell, Elliott Wolff, Susan Susor, Blair Robbins, Karen Mooney

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:05 pm.

Approval of minutes: October (m/s/p).  Minutes approved.
Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Karen, and noted.  In December, we need to look at the budget for next year.
Kenmore:  Discussed the issue of Kenmore’s recent letter to City Council requesting a dedicated runway down the center of Lake Union.  Peter is heading up a group to urge Kenmore and other interested parties into developing a Comprehensive Use Plan for Lake Union before a dedicated runway is considered.  The FHA believes the Lake should be a shared resource, and all the stakeholders should be involved in a public development of a Lake Use Plan.  There is increasing pressure of safety issues for everyone.  Peter’s group, Seaplane Environmental Coalition (SEC) is circulating a petition and has developed a website in support of this effort Savelakeunion.com.  The FHA will also support this effort with a link on our website.
Electrical Code:  There is now an electrical engineer and a contractor working with Peter.  FHA Attorney recommends we push back on SCL and say this code change should be reconsidered because of its cost per household.  Peter’s team will be pushed to find a better (cheaper) solution.  This new requirement may also change with the newly-elected city council members
DNR Lease:  No new news on DNR leases; we are waiting to hear back from them.  DNR is objecting to LULA’s efforts to reclassify house barges.
FHA Tour is planned for 9/13/20 (Sunday after Labor Day) – Courtney and Sharon will co-chair.  Tour will take place in Westlake and Eastlake, with electric boat shuttles across the lake.  Need about 13 houses to agree to be on the tour.  Landings could be at Terry Pettus Park in Eastlake, and the University rowing club, and near the “Sleepless” house in Westlake.  There would also be busses going up Eastlake.
Docktoberfest – Alternative location and date still pending.  (Karen looking into the availability of a large boat.  CWB canceled by Sharon.  No date set for now.
Puget Soundkeepers Salute to the Sound was Oct. 19. Only one Board member attended.
Committees – We need to replace some Board members who are leaving, and fill other vacancies.  Board discussed specific possible recruits and assigned different Board members to ask them.

Next meeting is scheduled for December 4 at Janet Williams’ house.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:29 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Williams, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, October 2, 2019   7:00 PM

Location: Blair Robbins’ houseboat
Present: Peter Erickson, Blair Robbins, Janet Williams, Sarah Morlidge, John Leness, Courtney Cooper, Karen
Mooney, Sharon Morken, Michael Smith
Excused: Joan Rosenstock, Tom Campbell, Elliott Wolff, Susan Susor

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:05 pm.

Approval of minutes: August (m/s/p). Minutes approved.
Treasurer’s report – things are proceeding according to plan.
Seaplanes Update – Kenmore Air sent a letter to the City Council asking for a demarcated landing zone for seaplanes that would be policed by the Harbor Patrol. Peter drafted a response and has given to our attorney.  The Seaplane Environmental Coalition has been reactivated by Peter E.  The FHA is clear that we have no interest in eliminating seaplanes.  However, we see this as a health and safety issue and want to limit the expansion and dominance of seaplanes on Lake Union so that everyone can safely use the lake.  Issues to be discussed include capping the number of flights per day, requiring quieter aircraft within ten years, eliminating Beaver aircraft, and not designating a runway down the middle of the lake.  Our goal is to prevent an increase in the impact of seaplanes on the lake.  Other interested parties would like to be involved in this effort, such as US Seafoods and Lake Union Dry Dock.  FHA will also engage the Dock Dodge crowd and the yachting crowd, as well as SUP and kayak rental places and rowing clubs.  The FHA agreed to pay for legal help on this issue.
DNR Lease –   We are in final phases of the development of DNR contracts.  We have not yet been able to get a copy of their operating manual.
Puget Soundkeepers Salute to the Sound – Oct. 19. Janet will survey the Board to try and fill our 8-person table.  So far we have Janet, Sharon (who will add a +1 if necessary), Courtney, and Karen will go if necessary.  If other FHA residents would like to go, they should contact Janet at jbwwny@gmail.com.  (First come, first served.)
Committees – reserved for a discussion at our next meeting. Courtney has agreed to head up the tour next summer.  Committee members and their terms are listed on our website.  Blair comes off, and names were tossed around for recruitment.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 6 at Courtney’s. Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:29 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Williams, Secretary

Wednesday, June 12, 2019   7:00 PM 

Location:  Peter Erickson’s home

Present: John Leness, Karen Mooney, Peter Erickson, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor, Joan Rosenstock. Janet Williams, Sarah Morlidge

Excused: Tom Campbell, Sharon Morken, Elliott Wolff, Courtney Cooper, Michael Smith

Invited speaker: Cathy Tuttle for City Council D4 

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:08 pm.

  1. Group discussion with Cathy Tuttle, who is running for City Council. We mentioned our concern about funding for the Harbor Patrol.  The Lake is more and more crowded, with probably less and less experienced boaters.  John also brought up the developing issue with the fire department, and DCI randomly deciding that any new floating home must have a sprinkler system if it is more than 200 ft from a hydrant. Ride the Ducks issue was summarized for Cathy. The property has been sold to US Seafoods. They will sell the shoreside strip, and if the community (with the Parks Dept chipping in substantially) can buy this piece, it will be donated to the City to expand Terry Pettus Park. Cathy described the make-up of the City Council.  Major issues include homelessness (most homeless people are from Seattle, major mental health and drug use issues.  We need housing and wraparound services. She asked if we could help her get onto the individual docks (since they are private) to talk to homeowners.  She also can accept democracy vouchers.
  2. Approval of minutes: May (m/s/p). Minutes approved.
  3. There is a new issue with underwater outriggers used to stabilize some floating homes, which ground out when the lake gets too low. Apparently one of the dive companies is recommending these outriggers, and we have been asked for our opinion by a private citizen.  It was noted that we are against the idea of these outriggers, especially because they could interfere with a slip space.
  4. We’ve been working with DNR for a new lease form, but DNR is trying to make it one size fits all, so that is slowing things up.
  5. Floatplanes – flights have increased from 40 in 1989 to over 100/day now, resulting in a major safety issue.  We like the floatplanes and want them to continue to use the lake, but we want to limit the number of them.  Also, they should go through the master planning and environmental application process. There are also problems with the lighted buoys: in the daytime, you can’t tell if they are on, and when you do know they are on, there is no clear rule about what to do.
  6. Peter Erickson continues to have an ongoing dialogue with City Light about wiring elec. conduits, and moving meters onto land. By the end of July we will have an estimate from City Light about the cost per house to do this rewiring.
  7. Discussion of noise violations. Ex: Since the HIYU is zoned commercial, it should not hold parties while it is tied to the dock.  DCI should regulate this.  There is a noise violation if you can hear the noise from 75 feet away.
  8. Agreement to reprint the two wildlife handouts from PAWS in the FHA newsletter to try and discourage people on the lake from feeding the wildlife (beavers, otters, ducks, geese, etc.).
  9. Treasury –no report today. A 501c3 has been set up in anticipation of purchasing the strip of land for Pettus Park.
  10. FHA has hired Darby DuComb as our new counsel.

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for AUGUST 21 at Janet Williams’ home. Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:25 p.m.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019   7:00 PM  

Location:  Susan Susor’s home 

Present:  John Leness, Peter EricksonTom CampbellKaren Mooney, Michael Smith, Blair RobbinsJoan RosenstockSusan SusorElliott WolffSharon MorkenJanet Williams  

Excused: Courtney Cooper, Sarah Morlidge 

Invited guest: Harbor Patrol Sergeant Hastings  

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:00 pm.  

  • Approval of minutes: March (m/s/p).
  • Treasurer’s Report  Budget is on track as proposed.
  • Harbor Patrol Sergeant Hastings described the growing financial constraints of the Harbor Patrol, and their looming personnel crisis due to upcoming retirements and lack of recruitment resources. Training of new officers requires two years for an officer to function on the HP as fully independent, and law enforcement registrations have dropped more than many other professions. Their specialized equipment should be serviced every year, but this year the purchase orders for that maintenance have not yet been approved, and the equipment needs to be serviced before the summer when it is constantly used.  Unfortunately, newly-elected administrations are looking to cut money, despite the fact that the HP has the only 24/7 marine unit in the state.
  • Re: Lighted buoys on Lake Union.  These buoys were initially supported with a Federal grant from the FAA.  Kenmore Air never intended to close off a section of water for a restricted landing zone, so this enables their pilots to trip the lights when they can’t be sure they have a clear landing place. These lighted buoys have to be renewed each year, but have now been approved.  They will go in on Memorial Day and come out of the water on Labor Day. Kenmore Air doesn’t fly on Tuesday nights in the summer because of Duck Dodge, and they will not land on Lake Union on July 4.  A few reminders for the public:  
    • Renters of electric boats are not allowed to be outside the boat (e.g., swimming) 
    • Boaters are legally responsible for their wake.  Although HP cannot issue tickets for too-big wakes, they can issue tickets for speeding. 
    • People are allowed to swim up to 25 feet off houseboats. 
    • Paddle boarders are required to have life jackets and whistles with them. 
    • On Opening Day night (May 3 from about 7-8 PM), the Montlake Cut will be closed for an hour. 
    • In an emergency, 911 should be called, but also the Harbor Patrol (206-684-4071).  Be prepared to describe the location to the HP (e.g., Portage Bay, blue house with a two-story slide into the lake).
  • Alex Pederson, who is running for City Council, will attend the May FHA Board meeting.
  • Lake Union Ferry – John met withthe ownerAlthough he has made some progress in securing dock space, it will be at least a year or two before a possible start.
  • Terry Pettus Park – The Ducks ramp was sold to US Seafoods; closing is imminent.TheParks Dept estimates 2-3 years to renovate Terry Pettus Park.  The Parks Dept has offered to pay $300,000 to purchase the park, if the community can raise an equal amount.  The FHA effort is being led by Peter Erickson, and this will be discussed at our annual meeting.  Fundraising is being planned.
  • FHA Annual Meeting – This will be held on Thursday, April 18 at the Swedish Club at 1920 Dexter Ave N, from 6-9.  The club is setting up chairs and tables for us, and they clean up at the end.  Susan Susor is in charge of food, and plans to serve Swedish meatballs and rice. To get to the parking lot, go north on Dexter.  There are two entrances to the lot just south of building.  There are 14 spots at the north entrance; we are reserving them for people hauling food or handicapped.  Lots of parking just past the building on Newton St. Just past the bldg. on side street (Newton) and across Dexter.  Volunteers needed for help plating and transporting; need to be there at 4:30. Jann needs two people to take signups at the door.  We also need a couple of rice cookers. 
  • Agreed to continue our yearly donation to PugetSoundkeepers for their Marine Debris program.

Karen Mooney agreed to host the next board meeting on May 1 .  

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:30 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Janet Williams, Secretary

Wednesday, March 6, 2019   7:00 PM

Location:  Blair Robbins home

Present:  John Leness, Peter Erickson, Tom Campbell, Karen Mooney, Michael Smith, Blair Robbins, Joan Rosenstock, Susan Susor, and Courtney Cooper

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 pm

1.    Approval of minutes: January (m/s/p).

2.    Treasurer’s Report – Karen distributed current financials showing expenditures for 2019 to date versus budget.

3. John and Peter then reported the activity surrounding the potential purchase of the property adjacent to Terry Pettus Park, and the opportunity to expand the park.  The board discussed the opportunity, concluding that FHA should join other groups to support this effort.  Peter agreed to work on a statement in support based on the draft he had previously circulated.

4. The board then discussed the location for the annual meeting.  Susan and Tom reported their visits to different sites.  The board concluded that the Swedish Club would be a good location and agreed that since the club was booked for April 17, the date discussed at the last meeting, that it would be okay to move the meeting to the 18th.  Tom agreed to check the cost of renting the space, to confirm it was not too expensive.

5. John reported that Jann had sent him a mail noting that the office needed some cleaning.  John reported that he planned to visit the office over the weekend and assess what cleanup might be necessary.

6. Joan reported that she had been in touch with Harbor Patrol, and they were interested in attending a board meeting.  The board agreed to invite them to attend the April 3 board meeting, as well as the annual meeting.

Susan agreed to host the next board meeting on April 3.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Williams, Secretary

Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 7:00 pm

Location:  John Leness’ home

Attendees: John Leness, Blair Robbins, Sarah Morlidge, Elliott Wolf, Susan Susor, Mike Smith, Joan Rosenstock, Tom Campbell, Janet Williams

Excused: Jann McFarland, Karen Mooney, Peter Erickson, Ranaan Schnitzer, Sharon Morken, Courtney Cooper

Guests: Wren McNally, MariLyn Kim from Fairview Avenue North Bridge Replacement Project

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 pm

1.     Approval of minutes: January (m/s/p).

2.     Treasurer’s Report

3.     Update on Fairview Avenue North Bridge Replacement Project – introductions all around.  Wren McNally is on the outreach team, responsible for external communication and weekly construction updates.  MariLyn is the project manager for SDOT.  A slide set was handed out (and put on line).

There are two bridges in this location, one timber and one concrete.  The timber one needs replacement badly, and it will be more cost-effective to replace both at same time.  Construction will begin spring 2019, with full construction expected to last 19 months.  The existing bridge will be closed during construction in order to limit the night work.  The new bridge will be wider (8-10 feet) to accommodate a two-lane bike paths and a new lane for walkers.  There will no longer be stairs at the south end of the bridge; stairs will remain at the north end.  There will be three viewing areas (belvederes) on the bridge. The kayak launch will stay.

During construction, a 2-foot sand layer will be added to keep sediments in place and turbidity curtains will be added to contain the construction zone debris from contaminating the nearby water.  (There is some existing contamination from old steam and electrical plants nearby.) The new bridge foundation will be built with drilled shafts.

The traffic detour will probably start at least three months from now.  Efforts will be made to limit Aloha to local traffic and others will be asked to find a new route to upper Fairview.  The floating walkway will be gone during the construction so foot traffic (including runners) will need to go on Aloha. Interested homeowners are encouraged to sign up for project updates, and these will continue to be provided through the FHA.

4.     Amalia (FHA lawyer) will leave to take a job as Deputy Supervisor for Aquatics and Geology for DNR.  She will be in charge of all of our DNR leases so she will have to recuse herself from work on FHA leases.  She can continue to consult with us but can no longer represent us.

5.     Board membership:  we currently have 7 representatives on Eastlake, 5 on Portage Bay, and only 2 from Westlake.  We would like at least one more from the Westlake/Northlake area.  One officer seat (for VP) is still open; this is the person in charge of Board recruitment.

6.     Annual meeting.  Scheduled for April 17.  We still need a location.  Suggestions to explore College Club, TOPS School (Can we serve alcohol there? Is there a kitchen? Tom suggested this)  Adobe in Fremont? (Sarah suggested this). Fred Hutch (Susan suggested this). Grand Central Bakery (Susan suggested this and will follow up with Ann Bessetti)

7.     Harbor Patrol – They were around a lot in small boats this past summer, and told Tom they had been funded for this extra activity by the Department of Fish and Wildlife?  This summer there will be a new park on Portage Bay with sand beach, which will probably be an attractive nuisance.  This led to a discussion about our needing more contact with HP, so Joan will invite Sergeant Yamamoto to one of our meetings.

8.     Kenmore Air issues.  Still no known evaluation of last summer’s experimental row of landing lights.

Next meeting March 6 at Blair’s house.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Williams, Secretary

Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 7:00 pm  

Location: Karen Mooney’s home  

Attendees: Karen Mooney, John Leness, Courtney Cooper, Peter Erickson, Blair Robbins, Sarah Morlidge, Mike Smith, Janet Williams  

Guest: Dave Stroble (Lake Union Ferry Co.; left after discussion)  

Excused: Susan Susor, Tom Campbell, Sharon Morken, Elliott Wolf, Joan Rosenstock, Jann McFarland, Ranaan Schnitzer   

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:05 pm  

  1. Approval of minutes: November (m/s/p) 
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Lake Union Ferry (LUF)  – Proposal for a commuter serviceto connect SLU to Fremont and the University.  (A website will be up in a couple of months.)   It’s modeled after a ferry service on the small False Creek, a saltwater river in Vancouver.  Recently got a permit from State Transportation, and are now working on terminal and boat design.  Unlike Vancouver, all the boats here will be electric. There will be two routes: from SLU to Fremont and Portage Bay, with 3 boats on each route.  Each boat will fit 30 people and 10 bikes.  Each trip will take about 10-11 mins.  $5 each way/trip.  Wheelchair access.
  1. 3138 Fairview East– Proposal to build a 5-story building on Fairview.  It’s not in the mandate of FHA to get involved in such projects.   
  1. Fire sprinklers – See last month’s minutes.  FHA is looking to start a dialog with Seattle Fire Dept.
  1. City Light – City Light will meet with Peter Erickson and Justin Geary (QA electric) regarding proposed changes to electrical code.

Next meeting January 2 at Peter Erickson’s house.  

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:40 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted, Janet Williams, Secretary 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 7:00 pm 

LocationSarah Morlidge’s home

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Courtney Cooper, John Leness, Sharon Morken, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Joan Rosenstock, Mike Smith, Janet Williams

Guest: Amalia Walton 

Excused: Peter Erickson, Jann McFarland, Karen Mooney, Ranaan Schnitzer, Susan Susor, Elliott Wolf 

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 pm

1. Treasurer’s Report (submitted by email from Karen)

2. DNR Status: Amalia and John have been reviewing the actual language in the DNR lease template.

a)    DNR wants a single format for all Floating Homes Over Water, so the template is drafted for all floating house leases statewide.  Some clauses that may not apply in Lake Union/Portage Bay may apply in other areas of the state

b)     The template is drafted for all varieties of floating structures, from the traditional houses on floats to house barges to former vessels that have been retrofitted to serve primarily as a residence. (Some of the shallow water rules don’t apply to FH; because all the DNR territory is in deep water, most of the rules apply only to the outer homes on docks, maybe the deepest 10-15 homes.) There may be clauses that do not apply to one type of structure, but may be included for a different type of structure.  Their applicability will be determined on a case-by-case basis in discussion with the land manager during the individual lease negotiations.

3.Tour – The tour was very successful. Kudos to Tom Campbell & Team on such a well-run event.

4. Docktoberfest – confirmed for October 18, 6-9 PM at the Center for Wooden Boats. Oompah music is secured; still need a food arrangement.

5. Approval of minutes: September (m/s/p)

6. The Puget Soundkeeper annual fundraise dinner is Sat., October 27 from 5:30-9:30PM (115 Bell St.).

7. The Virginia V is still coming too close to floating homes. Courtney is going to a meeting to address this issue.

8.The issue of noise from the Islander and other tour boats that come back to Lake Union late at night was discussed.

Next meeting November 7 at John Leness’ house.  Be careful on the stairs.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Williams, Secretary

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 7:00 pm 

Location: Blair Robbins’ home

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Maggie Chon, Courtney Cooper, Peter Erickson, John Leness, Karen Mooney, Sharon Morken, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Mike Smith, Susan Susor, Janet Williams

Excused: Jann McFarland, Joan Rosenstock, Ranaan Schnitzer, Elliott Wolf

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:06 p.m.

  1. Approval of minutes: July (m/s/p).
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Karen Mooney passed out a report that shows that we have money and all bills are paid through today.
  3. Insurance for Tour: Hard copies will be sent to Tom Campbell. Cost = $350.
  4. DNR Status: Amalia has also been acting as counsel for the organization taking care of orcas.)
  5. Seaplanes: When they originally cut the grand zoning bargain, Kenmore sneaked in a provision at the end to say that City Council could control the number of flights. Seattle’s Office of Economic Development got the city council and the mayor on board.
  6. Steady Floats: There is an outfit building house barges. With some kind of loophole, if they de-commission the engines, they can become FLOWRs (Floating On Water Residences).  Courtney called the builder (Daniel Lostrom) out on his claim that “you’d be crazy to build on logs.”  He has asked to be part of this group and we have said no.  John asked if there is a way to go to the MLS and have a convention regarding the differences between a floating home and a FLOWR structure.  Courtney says that she’s tried a few times but they haven’t changed it.  She draws the line at when they do not have a slip.
  7. Mayor’s Visit: Peter thinks that if we schedule it far enough in advance (November meeting) and schedule it for the end of their day, we have the best shot at getting our issues addressed.
  8. No Wake/Safety Committee/Virginia V: Karen noticed that the issue is worse recently with ski boats (wake boarders) – she talked with Harbor Patrol and they basically told her that they do not ticket. Janet mentioned that Harbor Patrol asked whether the FHA is affiliated with the No Wake guy.
  9. Commercial water rates: Sarah asked if we ever got an answer.  Amalia got back a partial but not full answer.
  10. Minimum width between floating homes: 6 feet float to float and 10 feet wall to wall. DCI’s jurisdiction.
  11. Rentals (including short-term rentals): if you are zoned commercial, you can do it (like some docks under the university dock). If you are a coop organization, then it should be written into the by-laws for the dock.  Peter’s dock has debated this and decided: one month minimum and only once a year.
  12. Tour Updates:
    • Tom Campbell had great news: tickets are almost sold out; Alki gets 54. Jules mailed out the tix. 600 will-call tickets will be set up in the parking lot across the street from the 2019 dock; there will be parking there.
    • Volunteer numbers: Sharon reported that she has potentially 22 super-volunteers that will work the whole shift. She has 75 regular volunteers that are also doing a shift. Ten owners of 8 homes will be present.  There has been lots of churn among the volunteers (cancellations, changes). Houses will be open at 10 for the super-volunteers.
    • Setting up in the parking lot will start from the south and go up; should be up to Mallard Cove by 10 to 10:15. Will-call will open at 11:15-11:30.
    • Blair showed off the new things for sale at the Houseboatique. Blair pretty much has the cottage organized.  Tom will do the exterior clean-up sometime before the tour.
    • Sharon mentioned that there is no ramp for the featured home; John has a neighbor Jack Quick who can build a temporary ramp that can go into the house that doesn’t involve putting screws in anything.
    • Tickets: Courtney passed out tickets to the board members.
  1. Other Updates 

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:52 p.m. Next meeting on Wednesday, October 3 at Sarah Morlidge’s. 

Respectfully submitted, Margaret Chon, Secretary

Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 7:00pm 


LocationPeter Erickson’s home

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Maggie Chon, Courtney Cooper, Peter Erickson, John Leness, Karen Mooney, Sharon Morken, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Mike Smith, Susan Susor, Janet Williams

Excused: Erik Johnson, Jann McFarland, Joan Rosenstock, Ranaan Schnitzer,  Elliott Wolf

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:06 p.m.

  1. Approval of minutes: May (m/s/p); June (m/s/p).
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Karen Mooney passed out the report. Budget is holding steady. Karen will make sure we’re covered by insurance for the tour, but wants to make sure the coverage is adequate.
  3. UW Dock Update: The university has said to the university dock residents that the university wants the houses for visiting faculty.Susan Susor reported that the UW says the dock is zoned as commercial, not sfh (water-dependent floating home). Karen Mooney discussed PR, which her firm specializes in (social good only).
  4. Tour Updates: Tom Campbell led a general discussion of details of upcoming tour (Sunday, September 9 from noon to 5), including ticket sales, photography, sponsors, and volunteers.
  5. Other Updates:
    • Seattle Night Out = August 7. Tom Campbell mentioned that the FHA will sponsor free keg of beer again for participating docks.  Janet Williams said that her dock organized a party for the first time last year, and Harbor Patrol attended.
    • Float plane issues: up to 30K flights/year. Brigitte Erickson (Peter’s spouse) is on the committee. 

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:35 p.m. Next meeting on Wednesday, August 8 at Tom’s dock (Willow Cove).

Next Board Meeting is September 5 @ Blair’s; resume meeting first week of each month.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 7:00 pm

Location: John Leness’s home

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Maggie Chon, Courtney Cooper, Peter Erickson, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Susan Susor [no quorum]

Excused: Erik Johnson, Jann McFarland, Karen Mooney, Sharon Morken, Blair Robbins, Joan Rosenstock, Ranaan Schnitzer, Butch Smith, Janet Williams, Elliott Wolf

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:20 p.m.

1. Approval of minutes: John Leness will send May minutes to Maggie Chon, and both May and June minutes will be approved at July board meeting.

2. Treasurer’s Report: John printed out Karen Mooney’s report (sent by e-mail earlier to the board) and noted that she also provided a copy of the bank statement for internal controls.

3. DNR Update: Meeting on June 13@ TOPS

John reported that the meeting went well. The calculation of rents is complex and governed by statute. In general, there is a huge jump every 4th year (all other years are tagged to CPI, and therefore no large jumps). DNR had a great slide deck, which Sarah Morlidge will send around by eAlert. About 10-15 people attended the meeting.

4. Community Outreach

a. Seattle Night Out is on Tuesday, August 7. Tom Campbell announced that the FHA will again support local floating home nights out, including beer kegs.

b. Sarah Morlidge to send out notices of same.

5. Tour Update

The bulk of the meeting was devoted to an update on the tour planning, including the confirmed houses, photographs, theme, deadlines, and volunteers.

6. Other Updates:

a. Ducks: John reports that it currently looks like it is going forward.

b. Ferry: John also reported that the Hayu may get dock rights in S. Lake Union.

c. Harbor Patrol: boats are going faster this year. Call them if there are issues with wake; they will take care of it.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:09 p.m.

Next meeting on Wednesday, July 11 at Peter Erickson’s house.

Respectfully submitted, Margaret Chon, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, May 2, 2018 7:00 pm

Location: Karen Mooney’s home

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Peter Erickson, John Leness, Karen Mooney, Blair Robbins, Joan Rosenstock, Janet Williams, Elliott Wolf

Excused: Margaret Chon, Courtney, Cooper, Erik Johnson, Jann McFarland, Sharon Morken, Sarah Morlidge, Ranaan Schnitzer, Butch Smith

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:05 p.m.

1. Welcome. John Leness thanked everyone for helping at Annual Meeting and distributed the meeting agenda. Karen Mooney distributed financial statements.

2. Approval of Minutes. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of the prior April meeting, which Maggie Chon had distributed prior to the meeting, were approved. m/s/p

3. Election of Treasurer. John explained that the President, Vice President and Secretary were elected at the annual meeting, but the bylaws called for the election of the Treasurer by the Board, Upon motion duly made and seconded Karen Mooney was elected. m/s/p

4. Treasurer’s Report. Karen Mooney reported that the bank signatories had been updated earlier that day. She reported that the financial were now loaded onto Quickbooks and much of the bill payments were now online. In light of that, she circulated the most recent bank statements for the board to review.

5. City Light Update. Peter Erickson reported that he was scheduled to meet again with City Light in two weeks to try to reduce the cost associated with their proposed electrical upgrades.

6. SPU “Commercial” Billing Rates. John reported that he had been in touch with SPU in connection with the reports from several docks that

they were receiving water bills at commercial rates. SPU has acknowledged that the rates are set by city code and that there is a specific rate for houseboats in the code, which they deem commercial. We need to look at rates being charged to confirm that, even if called commercial, they are the proper rates.

7. Ducks Update. John Leness and Blair Robbins reported that, in connection with the Ducks’ request for an extension of their permit, DCI has suggested that the Ducks now need to conform with the updated stormwater code and include a station to wash the Ducks undercarriage before they enter the lake. We are watching this development, as it adds a significant cost for the Duck project.

8. Tour Update. John thanked Tom Campbell for distributing the tour committee minutes. Tom updated the status, reporting, among other things, that we still need more houses. The board discussed offering tour tickets to city council.

9. University Dock. The Board discussed supporting the residents of the University Dock in their negotiation with the University of Washington, concluding that FHA should support the residents. The Board discussed at length the benefits that a public relations firm could provide.

10. DNR Update. John reported that Amalia Walton had gotten the final language to DNR, and he was working with her to get the next meetings with DNR scheduled, as discussed at the annual meeting.

11. Lake Union Runway Update. John reported that the current plan was for a single line of buoys to be installed around Memorial Day and be left in during the summer as a test. The Board discussed means of getting comments and feedback on the buoys.

12. June Meetings. The tour committee is planning to meet on June 6 for an hour, before the regular meeting. John may not be back in Seattle in time for the June 6 meeting.

Submitted by John Leness, President In lieu of Margaret Chon, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 7:00 pm

APPROVED at May 2018 board meeting for posting on the FHA website

Location: Janet Williams’s home

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor, Janet Williams

Excused: Courtney Cooper, Sue Jostrom, Jann McFarland, Ranaan Schnitzer, Elliott Wolf

Guests: Karen Mooney, Sharon Morken, Butch Smith

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:07 p.m.

1. Approval of minutes: March minutes: m/s/p

2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock distributed the monthly financial report for the last time as Treasurer. In two weeks (after the Annual General Meeting vote), we’ll be transitioning to Karen Mooney as FHA Treasurer.

3. Annual Meeting: April 18 at Lake WA rowing club


a. Vote for new board members and officers.

b. Quick pitch for tour volunteers at the outset with sign-up (led by Tom Campbell, chair of community outreach and events.).

c. Brief communications pitch (led by Sarah Morlidge, chair of communications).

d. Harbor Patrol report.


f. Derrick Toba from DNR will do a PowerPoint presentation on DNR leases; this will likely take up most of the time. John Leness (President) and Amalia Walton (former President and current FHA lobbyist) have spent a lot of time working with Derrick to hammer out a generic lease form. John is hoping that Derrick will

bring Tara Wilson and other land managers with him, so people can meet them face to face.

4. Tour 2018:

Sharon Morken is the tour volunteer coordinator. Aiming for 12 houses total on Eastlake. Hours of the tour = 12-5 p.m. The FHA Office will be open. Susan Susor is shooting for $15K in sponsorships.

5. Committees

a. Environmental: Dave Chappelle (chair, environmental) raised the issue of billing on the water/sewer bill. Q: Should docks be charged at a commercial rate or residential rate? The question is whether all the docks are getting a charge increase, or just some. The board decided to ask around informally.

b. City Light: Peter Erickson (member, legislative) reported that City Light talked to someone at City Council, who felt that the floating home community did not qualify for the subsidized loan. The City charter limits loan period to ten years.

c. Portage Bay Park: Construction is starting this year and will be done by 2019. The City will be having a naming contest.

d. The Ducks: Blair Robbins is still keeping an eye on the construction of the new ramp.

6. Goodbyes: Dave Chappelle stated that he and Tom Hesselbrock entered at a very different time five years ago; the board has made considerable progress since then, despite initial fears about term limits.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:09 p.m.

Next meeting on Wednesday, May 2 at Karen Mooney’s house.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, February 7, 2018 7:00 pm

APPROVED at April 2018 board meeting

Location: Susan Susor’s

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Courtney Cooper, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Ranaan Schnitzer, Susan Susor, Janet Williams Excused: Courtney Cooper, Jann McFarland, Elliott Wolf Guests: Karen Mooney, Sharon Morken, Derrick Toba, Amalia Walton

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:02 p.m.

Introduction of new board  embers: Karen Mooney and Sharon Morken were in attendance. Butch Smith and Joan Rosenstock not present. Sue Jostrom reported that she is still looking for one additional board member, preferably from Eastlake.

Derrick Toba’s presentation: Derrick, who is Assistant Division Manager at the DNR, showed a PowerPoint, which he also plans to

show at the Annual Meeting. This included details on the proposed leasing application process. He also plans to schedule follow-up meetings after  the AGM.

Community Building and Events Committee: Tour : Tom Campbell (Chair) suggested changing the location to Eastlake. The board

discussed the issues with Westlake, which is the construction work on the Aurora Bridge this summer; the work will take 2 years.

Date for the tour is set for September 9. Next planning meeting is Wednesday, March 21 @ Tom Campbell’s.

Annual Meeting: We have reserved April 18 at the Lake Washington Rowing Club from 6-9. The board discussed several topics

for the AGM, including DNR leases, Harbor Patrol, solicitation for volunteers for the tour; Soundkeepers, Bridge (WA DOT). Sarah Morlidge will talk about communications.

Approval of minutes:February minutes:m/s/p

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) distributed and discussed the monthly financial report. It shows that we are in good shape prior to anticipated spending for the tour.


Legislative/City Light:Peter Erickson (member) reported that last October, he gave them an estimate of $4 million for 400 houseboats. City has access to sources of low interest loans but hasn’t done much since then.

History & Archiving: Susan Susor (member) has started going through the historical material and found out that Marilyn Robertson has been talking to the UW and MOHAI about it. Karen Mooney suggested that Dave Galven might be a good person to help with this stuff; he’s been living on a floating home for many years.

Communications: Sarah Morlidge (chair) reported that Google Analytics is set up on the website. It shows 205 unique users in one week. She also discussed other metrics regarding e-Alerts: a pretty high number of people open the messages.

Membership Development: Sarah Morlidge (member) received the float numbers and KCA numbers and parcel numbers from the City; the City is not updating the ownership info. So Sarah plans to cross-reference that info with info that Jann McFarland and Sarah have been updating.

Miscellaneous: Got an e-mail from Dixie Pinkler about a plaque to put on a tree in Terry Pettus park.

The Ducks:Blair Robbins said that after the Ducks were approved, they had three years to construct and haven’t started construction.

Oil Spill on Portage Bay: Susan Susor reported that the UW was fueling a boat and the pipe broke. There was a fuel spill of approximately 100-150 gallons, which affected their dock. There is a protocol that involves standby people watching and a spill response; if not in place, they get fined. If there is a slow response, the Soundkeepers can be called in to document.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8: 47 p.m. Next meeting on Wednesday, April 4 at Janet Williams’s house.

Minutes – Wednesday, February 7, 2018 7:00 pm

Location: Erik Johnson’s

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Maggie Chon, Courtney Cooper, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, John Leness, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor, Janet Williams, Elliott Wolf

Excused: Dave Chappelle, Courtney Cooper, Peter Erickson, Sue Jostrom Jann McFarland, Sarah Morlidge, Ranaan Schnitzer

Guests: Karen Mooney

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

1. Minutes: December and January minutes: m/s/p

2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) reported on the final 2017 report and there are no issues. Tom also requested that the board pass a resolution to close an account that had been used to process credit card payments for Houseboatique, since we no longer use it. m/s/p.

3. Follow-up from Derrick Toba of DNR: Derrick is eager to have a roll-out at the annual meeting, and to be in a position by July 1 to roll out new agreements. John Leness (President) and Amalia Walton (former President and current lobbyist) have discussed choosing a test dock and putting it through the process to test everything. Derrick will attend the March board meeting, to walk us through the lease process.

4. Portage Bay Park: Tom Campbell (Chair, Community Building and Events) asked David Graves at the City who thinks that it will break ground in the spring (likely April). Susan Susor (board member and resident of the University Dock) mentioned that her dock will have their annual meeting with the UW in March; the dock tenants are in discussion with Amalia Walton.

5. Social Committee:

  • Annual Meeting and Tour: John Leness can arrange rental from the Lake Washington Rowing Club. We will aim for Wednesday, April 18.
  • Tour: Tom Campbell circulated a document memorializing the kick-off meeting, held on January 17. Next planning meeting is Thursday, February 22 @ Susan Susor’s.

6. Membership Recruitment: Sue Jostrom (Vice-President) was not present, but some discussion about potential new board members took place.

7. City Light: Peter Erickson (Chair, Legislative Committee) discussed the possibility of inviting the City to our March meeting.

8. Safety and Security: Bill Albert has resigned from the board but John Leness and Bill are willing to continue to go to Harbor Patrol meetings. Maggie Chon (Secretary and member, Safety and Security committee) would like to focus on emergency preparedness in her last year on the board and the committee.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:52 p.m. Next meeting on March 7 at Susan Susor’s house.

MINUTES – Wednesday, January 3, 2018 – 7:00 pm

Location: Maggie Chon’s

Attendees: Tom Campbell, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Ranaan Schnitzer, Susan Susor

Excused: Courtney Cooper, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom Jann McFarland, Janet Williams, Elliott Wolf

Guests: Derrick Toba, Pamela Tonglau

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

1. Discusssion with Derrick Toba of DNR

John Leness (President) introduced Derrick, who has been working with John and Amalia Walton (former President and current lobbyist) to revise the standardized lease. Tara Wilson has been working with the group.

Derrick is the assistant district manager for the Shoreline district – his district does all the leasing and use agreements – it also hs statewide programs, including policy and legislative. Derrick’s staff does all of the lease agreements. For a long time, Lake Union and Portage Bay was under a single land manager. For workload reasons, they recently split it up. Portage Bay and the north part of the lake were assigned to a separate land manager – Jordana Black. Tara Wilson is still the manager for Lake Union. Kaylen Neeler is the land manager for Portage Bay.

He went through a PowerPoint to explain the background and context of DNR’s legislative mandate, its mission, and its current approaches.

After the presentation, John Leness stated that the next step is rolling out the specifics of what the one size fits all lease looks like at the annual meeting. Once it is ready, the plan is to bring Amalia Walton and Derrick back on board to explain the process.

2. Approval of the December minutes delayed until next month.

3. Financial Reports:

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) gave a very short report on the end of the 2017 year. (Karen Mooney, incoming Treasurer, was not present at this meeting.)

Next month, Tom hopes to have a final 2017 report and close out the budget. As soon as we have all our records, we will do our tax return. We also need to renew our non-profit status.

4. Houseboatique

Blair Robbins (Houseboatique) had an additional Houseboatique day in December and so we are on par with last year in sales. Talks have started with Erik Johnson as to how to make the cottage more like a store when there are sales days. We will have a pop-up store at the annual meeting and the tour.

5. Tour

Tom Campbell (Chair, Community Building and Events) brought a tour binder from the last tour. There are 10-11 committee positions, based on past tours; these are sponsorship, general logistics, social media, PR, home selection, brochure layout, photographer, volunteer coordinator, Brown Paper tickets, finance, and billing. The biggest issue is finding homes. This year, the tour will focus on North Westlake.

6. City Light/Electrical Upgrade

Peter Erickson discussed the possibility of inviting the City to our March meeting.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:52 p.m.

Next meeting on February 7 at Erik Johnson’s house.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, December 6, 2017 – 7:00pm

Location: Sue Jostrom’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Tom Campbell, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor, Elliott Wolf

Excused: Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Courtney Cooper, Jann McFarland, Ranaan Schnitzer, Janet Williams

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

1. Approval of the November minutes and abridged November minutes: (m/s/p: approved) Both full and abridged versions were approved.

2. Financial Reports:

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) circulated minutes of the Finance Committee meeting. He then reviewed the financial results for 2017. He then discussed the proposed budget for 2018, reviewing those items that were different from 2017. The board discussed membership numbers for 2017. After discussion, the proposed 2018 budget was approved (m/s/p).

3. Houseboatique

Blair Robbins reported the results of the holiday houseboatique sale. She reported that she planned to hold another sale day on the 16th of December. John, Blair and Erik agreed to meet to discuss how best to use the cottage to merchandise items for sale.

4. Committee Charters

Sue Jostrom (Vice President) discussed the final committee assignments and thanked those who had gotten their charters back to her. The Board then discussed recruiting needs to fill expected vacancies.

5. Committee Reports

The Board then discussed ideas for involvement with other community organizations. Tom Campbell agreed to circulate a few ideas.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:10 p.m.

Next meeting on January 3. Respectfully submitted, John Leness for Margaret Chon, Secretary

MINUTES – Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 7:00 pm – FINAL ABRIDGED Version

Location: Blair Robbins’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Elliott Wolf

Excused: Courtney Cooper, Jann McFarland, Ranaan Schnitzer, Susan Susor, Janet Williams

Guests: Pat Marukami (candidate for City Council # 9) and staffer; Karen Mooney

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:08 p.m.

1.     Discussion with City Council candidate Pat Marukami: Peter Erickson (Legislative Committee member) summarized Pat’s responses to our questionnaire, and then she conducted a Q & A with the board.

2.     Approval of the October minutes and abridged October minutes: (m/s/p: approved) Both full and abridged versions were approved.

3.     Financial Reports:

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) distributed the current balance sheet. He next passed around a budget worksheet and pointed out that not much had changed since our last meeting.  He also is trying to schedule a budget committee meeting soon, before the next board meeting.

4.     Committee Assignments

a.     Committee charters: Sue Jostrom (Vice President) followed up on last month’s discussion.  All charters are updated.

b.     The following committee assignments were finalized:

·  Legislative committee (John Leness, chair; Peter Erickson, member)

·  Community Building and Events (Tom Campbell, chair)

·  Communications (Sarah Morlidge, chair)

·  Environmental (Ranaan Schnitzer will be new chair after Dave steps down)

·  Finance (Sue Jostrom is the chair under our rules)

·  History and Archiving (Sue Jostrom asked Courtney Cooper if she would do it; Susan Susor is a member already)

·  Board Development (Sue Jostrom, as part of her VP role)

·  Safety and Security (Bill Albert, chair)

·  Membership: Elliott Wolf volunteered to be chair – he will start it and Karen Mooney (incoming Treasurer) will be a member

·  Houseboatique (Blair Robbins)

5.     Committee Reports:

a.     Houseboatique: Blair plans to hold Houseboatique on Sunday, December 3.  She ordered a small amount of new products.  These include: soup mugs, compression bags, flip calendasr for desks with photos of tiles in the public park, and aprons. Next year’s new items: microfiber cleaners for glasses or computer screens.

b.     Environmental: Dave Chappelle (Environmental Committee chair) reported on the SoundKeepers gala was fun and gave an extended report on the activities of the SoundKeepers this year.

c.      Legislative: John Leness (Legislative Committee chair) stated that nothing has been happening; still waiting for DNR to come back.  City Light issue is still pending.

d.     Communications: Sarah Morlidge (Communications Committee chair) reported that there was an e-mail from a student in Japan who is studying floating home construction.  Sarah was also contacted by a company that provides diving services to floating home members.

e.      Miscellaneous: Charging station discussion.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:25 p.m. Next meeting on December 6 at Sue Jostrom’s house. Respectfully submitted, Margaret Chon, Secretary

MINUTES  Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 7:00pm  

FINAL ABRIDGED VERSION (approved at the November 2017 board meeting) 

Location: Maggie Chon’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Tom Hesselbrock, Peter Erickson, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor, Elliott Wolf

Excused: Courtney Cooper, Jann McFarland, Ranaan Schnitzer, Janet Williams

Guest: Karen Mooney

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:07 p.m.

  1. Approval of the August minutes and abridged August minutes: (m/s/p: approved) Both full and abridged versions were approved.
  2. Introduction of Karen Mooney: Tom Hesselbrock introduced our incoming Treasurer (beginning in April).
  3. Financial Reports:
  • Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) distributed the current balance sheet, which shows we’re in pretty good shape.
  • Tonight starts our budget cycle for 2018.  The suggested 2018 budget was distributed and discussed. After the November meeting, the finance committee meets before December meeting to finalize a budget for final approval by the board in December.
  • Tom highlighted the things that he anticipates will be different next year, for example, the tour.
  1. Committee Assignments – Sue Jostrom (Vice President) distributed the current charters to give to committee chairs to double check, and return to her. 
  2. Environmental and other committee chair replacements – Sue Jostrom announced that Dave Chappelle will be leaving the board so we will need an environmental committee chair. Terms that are over are in April include: Tom H., Dave Chappelle, and Sue Jostrom. The board discussed reviving the Membership committee. Karen Mooney volunteered to be on that committee. 
  3. FHA maintenance person: The board discussed possible options. 
  4. EAlerts: Sarah Morlidge (Chair, Communications Committee) will change the “From” so that the sender will say “Floating Homes” and hopefully more people will read the alerts. We have an average of 40% of people who will open the message, which is pretty good. 
  5. Docktoberfest: Tom Campbell (Chair, Committee Building and Events Committee) reported that this annual event was successful. 
  6. Soundkeepers: Dave Chappelle (Chair, Environmental Committee) mentioned that the Salute for the Sound Gala is coming up on October 28 5:30-9:30 at the Seattle Design Center.    
  7. DNR Lease Update: John Leness (President) updated this issue. He has been working with Amalia Walton (former FHA President and current lobbyist) to review the DNR’s draft model leases.  Not much progress was made over the summer because DNR staff were fighting fires. 
  8. Charging Station: The City put a stop work order on the charging station near the FHA Office
  9. Box of Records: Someone sent John a request for a place to store boxes of records that are not currently stored in the cottage. Susan Susor (member, History and Archiving Committee) volunteered to take care of the records, whatever and wherever they are. 
  10. Cottage: Erik Johnson has been renovating the cottage; deck still needs to be replaced. 
  11. Other: Joe Inslee (member, Environmental Committee) reported that Portage Bay Park now scheduled for completion in 2018.
  12. Electrical Upgrade: Peter Erickson (Member, Legislative Committee) mentioned that City Light needs to know approximately how many floating homeowners will need an upgrade.  Several board members volunteered to make an informal count.
  1. Next tour date: September 9, 2018. Tour committee starts meeting in January monthly.  This year, Tom Campbell (Chair, Community Building and Events Committee) is planning to have it on North Westlake, under the Fremont bridge and possibly Northlake.  The bridge tender’s tour could feature the Fremont Bridge. 

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:36 p.m. Next meeting on November 1 at Blair Robbins’s house.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017 7:00pm ABRIDGED VERSION 

Location: Peter Erickson’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Courtney Cooper, Tom Hesselbrock, Peter Erickson, Joe Inslee, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Susan Susor

Excused: Eric Johnson, Sue Jostrom, Jann McFarland,  Blair Robbins, Ranaan Schnitzer, Janet Williams, Eliott Wolf

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:07 p.m.

  1. Approval of the June minutes and abridged June minutes: (m/s/p: approved) Both full and abridged versions were approved.
  2. Financial Reports:
  • Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) distributed the current balance sheet.
  • The board discussed bringing on Karen Mooney as the next Treasurer per the by-laws. It decided that Karen be invited to become an at-large member of the finance committee and Tom would begin to work with her on the process until he steps down in April.  (m/s/p: approved)
  • Tom H. also discussed the fact that in the budget process he presents a preliminary proposal in October; then a second round in November to discuss. After the November meeting, the finance committee meets before December meeting to finalize a budget for final approval by the board in December

Upcoming Issues and Committee Reports

Legislative Committee (discussion led by John Leness, President)

      • Ride the Ducks: Update on site.
      • New news: Someone purchased a decommissioned ferry Hayu to turn into a nightclub; it is currently moored near the southernmost dock of the Log Foundation. According to land use folks, it can’t operate a night club while moored there but can load passengers and drive around the lake.
      • DNR Update: Our lobbyist Amalia Walton and John had another meeting with DNR on Wednesday, June 28; it was a page by page flip-through. We are currently waiting for the document back from the DNR.
      • Electricity: Peter Erickson (member, Legislative) had a good discussion with City Light; unfortunately, they want to impose a $10K charge per houseboat. The City has still not finalized what they want from a code standpoint.
      • Cottage: Tom noticed a stop work order at the charging station.
      • DCI: The City sent out notices alerting houseboat owners to the new Tip, 209A effective May. Sarah will put out a notice with some language from John (we got 60 percent of what we asked for during negotiations over the overly broad language and enforcement of previous Tip 209).


  • Aurora Bridge painting: Dave Chappelle (Chair, Environmental) reported that after community input, phase II will look very different from phase I. The community feels like they’re being listened to this time. 
  • 520 Bridge: Joe Inslee (member, Environmental) mentioned that the big issue is the Montlake Market.  May be going to court.

Events: Tom Campbell (Chair, Community Building and Events) announced a date (Thursday, September 28@6) for Docktoberfest at Center for Wooden Boats.

Other: A boating-related death on the lake on Sunday was reported. A reminder that if we hear something, we should let Harbor Patrol know about it. 

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:24 p.m. Next meeting on October 4 at Maggie’s house.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 7:00pmFINAL abridged version approved at August 2017 board meeting 

Location: Tom Hesselbrock’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Tom Campbell, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Tom Hesselbrock, Peter Erickson, Joe Inslee, Eric Johnson, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Ranaan Schnitzer, Susan Susor, Janet Williams, Eliott Wolf

Excused: Dave Chappelle, Courtney Cooper, Sue Jostrom, Jann McFarland

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:06 p.m.

  1. Approval of the May minutes and abridged May minutes: (m/s/p: approved) Both full and abridged versions were approved.
  2. Financial Report:Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) gave a financial report.
  1. Committees:John Leness (President) announced that Tom Campbell (new FHA board member) has agreed to chair the social committee (official name: Community Building and Events). Sarah Morlidge (chair, communications committee) added the new board members to Dropbox, so they can access files including committee charters.
  1. Lake Union Association Meeting:Janet Williams (new board member) attended the last meeting where they talked about several waterways.  Waterway 22 ends at Stone Way and has a deteriorating bulkhead, which will need to be repaired. Bill Albert (chair, safety and security committee) is most concerned about Waterway 20, which is the debris pen.
  1. Upcoming Issues
    1. Legislative Committee
      • Left hand turn onto Fuhrman going north on Eastlake: John Leness asked Ann Preznya (ECC President and floating homes owner) if she has any information about this issue. Apparently the City is still considering eliminating the left turn going north as part of the plan to re-do the transit corridor along Eastlake/Roosevelt.  The back up at rush-hour means that the bridge can’t go up.
      • DNR Update: Amalia Walton (past President and current legal representative) and John are scheduled to meet with DNR on Wednesday, June 28; if anyone wants to sit in, it’s a page by page flip-through.
      • DCI: We have had an issue with Tip 209A. The City is now acknowledging that repairs do not need a permit exemption. John Leness passed out a new document and pointed out the revisions/exemptions from permit requirements, including siding, roofing, doors, or windows.  This revised tip was issued in April 2017 and is effective now.
      • John Leness stated that DNR is in the process of writing a single master document that governs everyone who has aquatic land leases. The other main outstanding legislative issue is with City Light, which Peter (not present tonight) is tracking.
    2. Aurora Bridge painting held last night meeting last night. There is a general public meeting next Tuesday night – three hour meet and greet.
    3. Joe Inslee updated info on Portage Bay Park. The construction dates on the website are May 2017-2018. He also reported on the Puget Soundkeepers  Sweep dates (June 17 = arboretum; July 5 = fireworks cleanups; August 5 = Salmon Bay).
    4. FHA Office Renovation: The board discussed a possible work party for the deck.
    5. Houseboatique: Blair is selling canvas bags with the FHA logo!
    6. Other: Sarah Morlidge said that Amy Woods is collecting info on peoples’ rules and regulations on houseboats (condos, coops, leased). Board discussed that in the old days, there used to be dock captains, and we need to update this information.  Sarah would like this information documented and on a spreadsheet, and would be able to convey the info to other people on the dock. 

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:06 p.m.

Next meeting in July at Peter Erickson’s, Wednesday, July 19.

MINUTES (Abridged Version)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 7:00pm 

FINAL (approved at June 2017 board meeting) 

Location: Dave Chappelle’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Tom Campbell, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Tom Hesselbrock, Peter Erickson, Joe Inslee, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Blair Robbins, Ranaan Schnitzer, Susan Susor, Janet Williams, Eliott Wolf

Excused: Eric Johnson, Jann McFarland, Sarah Morlidge


Meeting called to order at approximately 7:06 p.m.

  1. Approval of the April minutes and abridged April minutes: (m/s/p: approved) Both full and abridged versions were approved.
  2. Annual Meeting – The board debriefed the meeting.
  1. Election of Treasurer – Officers are elected at the annual meeting, but the board elects the Treasurer. Tom Hesselbrock agreed to stand (m/s/p: Tom elected as Treasurer for another year).
  1. Financial Reports – Tom Hesselbrock stated that there are few changes from last month except for net income (now in the minus) with anticipated expenses. If someone not on the board wants more info, they can contact Tom H.
  1. Committees – John Leness (President) passed around a sheet with proposed committee members. He went over the possible committee assignments and asked board members to get back to him when they decide where they’d like to volunteer. Susan Jostrom (Vice-President and outgoing chair, Community Building and Events) emphasized the importance of identifying those who would like to take the lead on the next tour (2019).
  1. Cottage – Erik Johnson is not present; discussion postponed.  The thought is to get a work party together to finish the exterior sometime this summer.
  1. Upcoming Issues
    1. Aurora Bridge and other Environmental Issues: Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental Committee) thinks this will probably be a multi-year issue. Also the sewage outfall, e.g., from West Point, may also be something that we decide we want to invest more time in.
    2. 520 Construction: The City (?) denied the sound variance. Courtney Cooper passed around a recent decision. John suggested getting a copy to Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications Committee) to put it on the website.
    3. Reconnecting Electrical: Peter Erickson (member, Legislative Committee) mentioned that a neighbor has approached him with a reconnect issue. SCL now requires each house on a dock has to have a meter attached. John and Peter have met with SCL to let them know that it was not going to work, conceding that the electrical on many docks needs to be upgraded.  SCL realizes that financing would be a hurdle so that the upgrade can become affordable for docks.  Goal is to have each dock to make the transition within five years.
    4. DNR leases: John reported that discussions are on-going. Tara Wilson only has responsibility for Lake Union now; separate person for Portage Bay and Lake Washington.  Discussion with DNR to be continued.
    5. University Dock: Susan Susor (member, Community Building and Events) reported that their dock met with the university just this week, which they do each year because it’s annual. The lease with the UW will be up in seven years. Susan also mentioned that until construction begins on Portage Bay Park, the City plans to use the old police station as a men’s homeless shelter (80-100 men). Probably missed the time on starting the park this year; Joe will look into timeline.
    6. Left hand turn: Margaret Chon (Secretary) raised the issue of the left turn northbound on Eastlake before the University Bridge. No information on whether it’s slated for elimination as part of the Roosevelt high speed transit corridor plan.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:07 p.m. Next meeting on June 7 at Tom Hesselbrock’s.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 7:00 m 

approved at May 2017 board meeting

Location: Bill Albert’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Tom Hesselbrock, Peter Erickson, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Joe Inslee, Jann McFarland

Guests: Tom Campbell (Portage Bay Willow Cove Dock), Janet Williams (2466 Westlake aka Sleepless Dock), Elliott Wolf (Flo Villa)

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

Introduction of Potential New Board Members: Board members went around the room to introduce themselves.  Introduction of three potential new board members.

Approval of the March minutes and abridged March minutes: (m/s/p) the full and abridged versions were approved.

Financial Reports: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) presented the finances and noted that for this time of year, we are in very good shape.

Safety and Security: Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security) reported that the Wallingford Community Center wants to have a place to hand launch boats; this will impact the holding tank for Harbor Patrol greatly.  The holding tank holds debris picked up from the lake.  After discussion, the board’s consensus is to keep an eye on the situation as it develops.

Aurora Bridge: Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental) mentioned that they are cleaning up Phase I and are planning for Phase II.  Dave has contacted SoundKeepers and the City, and had a good discussion with both groups. Dave’s thought for the annual meeting is that SoundKeepers would announce the dates for the sweeps, talk about the Aurora Bridge, take questions and answers, and do a tabling event.  The board agreed.


Legislative: John Leness (President and chair, Legislative) reported that had and Amalia Walton (former President and current FHA lawyer/lobbyist) met with the DNR a couple of weeks ago to go over the leases on a line by line basis—a flip-through. DNR is in a complicated situation in that they tried to revise their lease form a few years ago and the effort just died. Ride the Ducks: John and others reported that a big barge came and left; it removed one of the two pilings; someone apparently realized that they need the other piling to tie the barge too. They also removed the log raft coming out from Terry Pettus area. The construction window closes on April 15, so they won’t be able to do any more work until October. John summarized the history of the litigation and settlement: no queuing on Fairview; if queue, have to queue on their property, not on the ramp; their route has to be toward downtown; have to relocate speakers down low; and keep sound at a certain volume.

Discussion of the Annual Meeting on April 19

Other Committees:

  • Houseboatique: Blair showed the water proof pocket with an adjustable strap that you can put around your neck and through which you can operate your phone. One free to each household member attending the meeting. Bill showed a reflective address plate that he got for his dock from Fast Signs.  This is for purposes of easier location by Harbor Patrol in case of emergency. 
  • Community Building and Events: With Sue Jostrom stepping off to be VP, a new chair is needed to step in as chair of this committee. Sue summarized past events and activities: we have done monthly music jam; supported Seattle Night Out; Docktoberfest; the Tour (biennial). She thinks the door is so wide open as to what kinds of things could be started and done.  

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:25 p.m.

Next meeting on May 3 at Dave’s Chappelle’s. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 7:00 pm

Approved at the April Board Meeting

Location: Susan Susor’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Peter Erickson, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Peter Erickson, Jann McFarland Guests: Tom Susor

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

1.     Financial Reports:

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) reported that finances are in good shape overall.

2.     Discussion of the Annual Meeting:

a.     The board discussed details of the upcoming FHA members’ meeting on April 19 and made suggestions for format this year.

b.    The board also discussed that Libby Kutcipal (Vice-President) and Joyce Black are leaving the board. Courtney Cooper and Ranaan Schnitzer are willing to join. The history of board membership was reviewed, including the board’s geographical diversity policy adopted last year. Dave Chappelle mentioned Janet Williams from Westlake, who indicated her willingness to be a new board member.

c.     Sue Jostrom agreed to stand for Vice President.

3.     Approval of the February minutes and abridged January and February minutes: (m/s/p)

4.     Committees

a.     Legislative: John Leness (President and chair of the Legislative committee) reported on the meeting with the DNR regarding lease revisions. The last attempted revision is in 2005; this was not successful.  The tone of the meeting was cooperative; it included Derek Toba (DNR rep) and Amalia Walton (our lawyer and lobbyist)

Charging Station: John Leness met with the concerned parties and will draft an agreement that reflects their discussion. The charging spot will be technically on city property but will be private.  The FHA member who installed the station is willing to share it with others if they split the cost.

b.    Houseboatique: The board authorized Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) to order a water proof pocket with a neck band to give away at the annual meeting.

5.     Other Issues:

a.     Membership: The board revisited the discussion of encouraging docks to enroll with a dock membership.  Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications committee) also reviewed the status of our new on-line membership system.

b.    Red Robin: A short update was provided by Maggie Chon (secretary) and Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security committee) on the successful resolution and settlement of the dispute with the developers after a two-year effort.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Next meeting on April 5, 2017.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 7:00pm

APPROVED at the March 2017 board meeting

Location: Blair Robbins’s home

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Libby Kutcipal, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Peter Erickson, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Jann McFarland, Sarah Morlidge, Susan Susor

Guests: Courtney Cooper (possible board member, Shelby Dock)

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m. In the absence of president John Leness, Libby Kutcipal (Vice President) chaired the meeting.

Libby introduced Courtney Cooper as a potential new board member from the Shelby Dock on Portage Bay.

1. Approval of the January minutes: (m/s/p) the full version was approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) passed out the 2016 Final Financial Report. Attached to the 2016 final report was the final tour report; this was reported as income in the new year. Tom then distributed the first financial summary for 2017 for review and discussion by the board.

3. Legislative committee: John and Peter Erickson are both out of town, so Libby conducted this discussion.

a. Seattle City Light (SCL) Discussion: John and Peter seemed to have had a successful meeting with SCL.

b. Meeting with the DNR about leases: John sent around a possible date, which is either the evening of February 22 or during the day on the 23rd.

4. Other Committees:

a) Environmental: Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental) plans to invite Puget Soundkeepers to the FHA annual meeting. Joe Inslee (member, Environmental) suggested that we work with them to have a specific sweep for the floating homes.

b) Houseboatique: For the annual meeting, Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) will have a Houseboatique table.

c) Safety and Security: Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security) will invite Harbor Patrol to the annual meeting.

d) Events: The date of the annual meeting is Wednesday, April 19. Sue Jostrom (chair, Community Building and Events) would appreciate some ideas about the meeting.

e) Board Development and Operations: Courtney and Ranaan (who came to the last meeting) are new board members whose names will be put forward before the annual meeting. Libby’s term will end and so the board will need to identify a VP.

5. Membership: Jann McFarland (FHA office manager) sent Libby a summary re: group (dock) memberships. The board thought that the summary circulated was a good start to addressing this issue, but wanted both Jann and Sarah to be at a meeting to develop a concrete plan.

6. Red Robin: Maggie Chon (Secretary) reported that the neighbors filed a notice of appeal, and the developer contacted them shortly thereafter. Settlement discussions are proceeding.

7. Electrical car charge update: No resolution was reached on this issue. Board decided to ask John to contact involved parties to discuss.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Next meeting on March 1, 2017 at Susan Susor’s (1409 Boat St. # 5).

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 7:00pm

FINAL and APPROVED at March 2017 board meeting

Location: Mike Dellario’s (2207 Fairview Ave E #3)

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Sue Jostrom, Mike Dellario, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor
Excused: Joyce Black, Maggie Chon, Jann McFarland,
Guests: Ranaan Schnitzer and Amalia Walton, as noted
Meeting called to order at approximately 7:16 p.m.
John Leness (President) was acting secretary as Maggie Chon (Secretary) was out of town. Libby Kutcipal (Vice President) introduced Ranaan Schnitzer as a potential new board member from Joyce Black’s dock on Portage Bay.
1. Approval of the December minutes: (m/s/p) both the full and abridged versions were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) reviewed the financials, reporting that we were on track against budget for the beginning of the year.

3. Legislative committee:

a. Power cutoff: Peter Erickson (member, Legislative Committee) reminded the board of the concern about City Light’s new policy regarding power reconnections. He reported that he and John were waiting for a meeting with City Light to discuss this issue.

b. DNR: John Leness asked those board members who were interested in participating in the meeting with DNR to discuss their new lease form to let him know. He reported DNR’s proposed meeting dates.

4. Other Committees:

a) Board Development and Operations: Libby reported that Courtney Cooper had expressed her interest in joining the board. All agreed that she should be invited to the February meeting.

b) Events: Sue Jostrom (chair, Community Building and Events) reported proposed dates in April for the Annual Meeting.

5. Other Issues:

a) Filming. Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) described her work assisting a Korean film crew working on her dock.

b) Electric Boats. Mike Dellario (member, Communications) raised the possibility of organizing the many electric boats owned by floating home owners, forming a club, and entering them in the Opening Day boat parade, as a way of publicizing the FHA. He circulated several sample burgee designs. The board asked that all who were interested contact Mike.

c) Meeting with Hilary Franz: Amalia Walton then joined the meeting. She reported that she had met with Hilary Franz, the newly elected head of DNR, to discuss issues relevant to FHA members. At the conclusion of her report, Amalia left the meeting.

d) Membership: Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications) distributed a spreadsheet showing current membership, and asked the board to help her gather missing information.

e) John then reported on the status of the private EV charging station at the cottage.

f) Sue then reported that Seattle Public Utilities had been extremely responsive regarding the used car dealership as it was washing cars.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.
Next meeting on February 1, 2017 at Blair’s

Respectfully submitted,

John Leness, Acting Secretary

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 7:00pm

Final and Approved at January 2017 board meeting

Location: Dave Chappelle’s (2466 Westlake Ave. N # 4)

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Sue Jostrom, Jann McFarland. Guests: none

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 p.m.

1. Approval of the November minutes: (m/s/p) with changes suggested by Tom and Maggie. Approval of abridged minutes for October and November

2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer and Finance Committee member) announced that he received a letter from our lawyer Peter Eglick, raising his rate as of January 2017, after many years at the same rate. The board agreed that the increased rate is still reasonable. Tom also discussed the Annual Financial Report as of the end of November. Tom raised the question of whether we should recruit someone to do dock membership for next year.

For our next meeting, it was suggested that we could have a map print-out to see which docks are currently members. The board also agreed that we should we discuss then the question of designating a person to make a membership push. Billings should be going out in December/January, and many docks have their annual dock meetings during this period as well.

Tom then distributed the 2017 Budget Worksheet, as a recommendation from the Finance Committee to the board.

Approval of the 2107 Budget: m/s/p.

3. Houseboatique: Blair Robbins (Chair, Houseboatique) reported that the holiday sale went well this year – we made about $1200 after expenses. Judy Sarafin (former FHA board member) stepped in for the whole day, and the office was a warm and welcoming space thanks to Erik’s renovations.

4. Legislative committee:

a. DNR: John Leness (President and chair, Legislative Committee) received a letter from DNR re: a new standard lease form. DNR usually gives FHA owners a chance to review the standard form for leases on the lake. January to-do: Might be good to have a small group of non-board members to review this.

b. City Light has a new policy. Peter Erickson (member, Legislative Committee) reported that if anyone needs to disconnect power for any reason, then in order to get reconnected, one must pour concrete on the shore, and run a rigid conduit under the dock to your house. The board greed that the FHA should negotiate with City Light.

c. NOVs: Our lobbyist Amalia Walton (past FHA president) has been talking to DCI about a potential Director’s Ruling on repairs. This year, we didn’t have a rash of NOVs.

5. Safety and Security:

a) Water quality. Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security) learned inadvertently at a Harbor Patrol meeting that the contents of the homeless encampments latrines are going directly into the water. He also learned that the Harbor Patrol debris

pen may be replaced by a community boat launch area. The board generally agreed to keep monitoring this issue.

6. Environmental

Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental Committee) reported that the Soundkeepers just settled a lawsuit with the City of Tacoma; Tacoma will have an industrial waste treatment area. They sued under the Clean Water Act and as part of the settlement, they received $70K to be used as they see fit for other conservation issues.

Dave also reported that Soundkeepers has a weekly sweep of Lake Union every Friday; NWOC volunteers kayaks. Average about 5 pounds each kayak. At the end of the year, will have pulled 20K pounds out of the lake.

7. Communication:

The board had a lively discussion about specific communications tools and linking strategy to a membership drive, including sending a postcard to new houseboat owners. Ideas suggested included a blog spot on the website; a hashtag for people to post photos to the Instagram account. The board discussion revolved about what (from a social media perspective) would be attractive to our newer members.

Sarah requested that we have an on-line membership form and an on-line way to pay for the membership. m/s/p

She would also like to have a space on the website to join our mailing list form on the website.

8. Other Committee Reports:

Tom made a pitch for board recruitment for 2017; terms for 2 current members will end.

Tom also mentioned that the electric docking station is installed; John agreed to talk to this neighbor. Erik mentioned that a couple of people have looked at the tree near the FHA Office, and it is falling into the lake. The board agreed that we would call the City Arborist to take a look at it.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:05 p.m.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 7:00 pm

FINAL AND APPROVED at November 2 board meeting

Location: John Leness’s

Attendees: Joyce Black, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Bill Albert, Sue Jostrom, Jann McFarland, Sarah Morlidge

Guests: None

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 p.m.

1. Approval of the September minutes: (m/s/p) with changes

2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer and member of the Finance Committee) circulated the Annual Financial Report and Tour Statement. Because of the successful tour, we are going to make $41,700 over against a budget of $21,500. This is much more than 2014, even before we collect the final $5000 in sponsors. Tom also circulated a proposed 2017 budget, and explained his proposed changes for next year. The final draft will be presented for board approval at the December meeting.

3. Legislative:

a. John Leness (President and chair of the Legislative Committee) stated Amalia Walton (our board designated lobbyist) has forwarded our proposed repair language to DCI but has not heard from them yet.

b. On the raft issue, Ann Preznya from Fairview has requested a meeting with the Mayor, and asked us to attend.

4. Environmental:

a. Cycle Track: Dave Chappelle (chair of the Environmental committee) mentioned the issue of black tacks sprinkled across the track. The track is busy even though it’s new. Dave thinks it is working well and is being received well along the corridor. Dave had a chance to go to the opening, and thanked the city for allowing us to be at the table. The opening was attended by the Mayor, Mike McGuinn and Scott Kubly.

b. Puget Soundkeepers Annual Auction: This year, the auction is on Saturday, October 22 at 5:30. We agreed to sponsor a table as in past years.

5. Community Outreach: Docktoberfest cards have been put at the heads of each dock except north of Portage Bay.

6. Communication:

a. Budget: Mike Dellario (member, Communications Committee) reported that the budget is half of what it was last year. Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications, Committee) prepared a budget and gave it to the finance committee and said that it was all she needed.

b. Emergency Alerts: Joe Inslee (member, Communications committee) is working on emergency alerts with Sarah.

c. Board Meeting Minutes: Maggie Chon (Secretary) takes minutes, which are detailed notes, for the board; has them approved by the board. The board agreed that abridged minutes will be posted on the FHA website after board approval.

7. Houseboatique: Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) reported that we made $1000 at the tour, including from some of our “classic” stuff (the cookbooks and sweatshirts). The holiday sale will be the week after Thanksgiving week: Sunday, December 4th.

8. FHA Office: Erik Johnson has been renovating the interior of the Bill Keasler Cottage on Fairview. The 2017 budget will include the deck repair.

9. Other Committee Reports: No other formal reports delivered.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Next meeting at the FHA Office (tentative; 2329 Fairview Ave. E.); if not ready by Tuesday, then at Sue Jostrom’s

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 7:00 pm

FINAL AND APPROVED at the October 2016 board meeting

Location: Libby Kutcipal’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Maggie Chon, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins

Excused: Joyce Black, Dave Chappelle, Erik Johnson, Jann McFarland, Susan Susor

Guests: Delilah, Loba (Libby’s dogs!)

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:12 p.m.

1. Approval of the July minutes

2. Tour: Sue Jostrom (chair, Community Building and Events Committee and tour director) reported that the tour sold out a couple of days after the Pacific Northwest magazine article came out. She also mentioned an October 28 event: the fourth annual Docktoberfest (6:30-9 p.m. at the CWB).

3. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (FHA Treasurer and member of the Finance Committee) passed around the balance sheet as of 8/31/16.

4. Legislative: John Leness (President and chair of the Legislative Committee) stated that Amalia Walton (past president of the FHA and now an attorney with Miller, Nash, Graham & Dunn) is helping us to negotiate with DCI with regard to proposed language as to what repairs would require permits and what would not.

5. Seattle Met Magazine: We received a ping about someone who has done some renovation recently and would like an article on it. Blair Robbins (chair of Houseboatique) volunteered.

6. Tenas Chuck electrical charging station: Some folks approached the FHA; they would like to install an electrical charging station behind the FHA office in exchange for paying our electrical bills. The board agreed that if they paid for the electricity, they could install the station. The charging station should not be connected to our FHA office.

7. Grand Opening for the Cycle Track: Dave Chappelle (chair of the Environmental Committee) mentioned that the opening is on September 15th. The board agreed to send a representative.

8. Communications Strategy Budget: Sarah Morlidge (chair of the communications committee) will put something together for us to discuss at the next meeting.

9. Other Committee Reports:

a. Safety and Security: Police and fire department discussion about one station is no longer on the table.

b. Budget: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer and member of the budget and finance committee) stated that it’s budget time for next year. At the next board meeting, Tom will hand out budget reports to discuss. Our November meeting will be a discussion of any changes. In December’s meeting, the board will approve it.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Next meeting at Libby Kutcipal’s

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary