MINUTES (Abridged Version)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 7:00pm 

FINAL (approved at June 2017 board meeting) 

Location: Dave Chappelle’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Tom Campbell, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Tom Hesselbrock, Peter Erickson, Joe Inslee, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Blair Robbins, Ranaan Schnitzer, Susan Susor, Janet Williams, Eliott Wolf

Excused: Eric Johnson, Jann McFarland, Sarah Morlidge


Meeting called to order at approximately 7:06 p.m.

  1. Approval of the April minutes and abridged April minutes: (m/s/p: approved) Both full and abridged versions were approved.
  2. Annual Meeting – The board debriefed the meeting.
  1. Election of Treasurer – Officers are elected at the annual meeting, but the board elects the Treasurer. Tom Hesselbrock agreed to stand (m/s/p: Tom elected as Treasurer for another year).
  1. Financial Reports – Tom Hesselbrock stated that there are few changes from last month except for net income (now in the minus) with anticipated expenses. If someone not on the board wants more info, they can contact Tom H.
  1. Committees – John Leness (President) passed around a sheet with proposed committee members. He went over the possible committee assignments and asked board members to get back to him when they decide where they’d like to volunteer. Susan Jostrom (Vice-President and outgoing chair, Community Building and Events) emphasized the importance of identifying those who would like to take the lead on the next tour (2019).
  1. Cottage – Erik Johnson is not present; discussion postponed.  The thought is to get a work party together to finish the exterior sometime this summer.
  1. Upcoming Issues
    1. Aurora Bridge and other Environmental Issues: Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental Committee) thinks this will probably be a multi-year issue. Also the sewage outfall, e.g., from West Point, may also be something that we decide we want to invest more time in.
    2. 520 Construction: The City (?) denied the sound variance. Courtney Cooper passed around a recent decision. John suggested getting a copy to Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications Committee) to put it on the website.
    3. Reconnecting Electrical: Peter Erickson (member, Legislative Committee) mentioned that a neighbor has approached him with a reconnect issue. SCL now requires each house on a dock has to have a meter attached. John and Peter have met with SCL to let them know that it was not going to work, conceding that the electrical on many docks needs to be upgraded.  SCL realizes that financing would be a hurdle so that the upgrade can become affordable for docks.  Goal is to have each dock to make the transition within five years.
    4. DNR leases: John reported that discussions are on-going. Tara Wilson only has responsibility for Lake Union now; separate person for Portage Bay and Lake Washington.  Discussion with DNR to be continued.
    5. University Dock: Susan Susor (member, Community Building and Events) reported that their dock met with the university just this week, which they do each year because it’s annual. The lease with the UW will be up in seven years. Susan also mentioned that until construction begins on Portage Bay Park, the City plans to use the old police station as a men’s homeless shelter (80-100 men). Probably missed the time on starting the park this year; Joe will look into timeline.
    6. Left hand turn: Margaret Chon (Secretary) raised the issue of the left turn northbound on Eastlake before the University Bridge. No information on whether it’s slated for elimination as part of the Roosevelt high speed transit corridor plan.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:07 p.m. Next meeting on June 7 at Tom Hesselbrock’s.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 7:00 m 

approved at May 2017 board meeting

Location: Bill Albert’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Tom Hesselbrock, Peter Erickson, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Joe Inslee, Jann McFarland

Guests: Tom Campbell (Portage Bay Willow Cove Dock), Janet Williams (2466 Westlake aka Sleepless Dock), Elliott Wolf (Flo Villa)

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

Introduction of Potential New Board Members: Board members went around the room to introduce themselves.  Introduction of three potential new board members.

Approval of the March minutes and abridged March minutes: (m/s/p) the full and abridged versions were approved.

Financial Reports: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) presented the finances and noted that for this time of year, we are in very good shape.

Safety and Security: Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security) reported that the Wallingford Community Center wants to have a place to hand launch boats; this will impact the holding tank for Harbor Patrol greatly.  The holding tank holds debris picked up from the lake.  After discussion, the board’s consensus is to keep an eye on the situation as it develops.

Aurora Bridge: Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental) mentioned that they are cleaning up Phase I and are planning for Phase II.  Dave has contacted SoundKeepers and the City, and had a good discussion with both groups. Dave’s thought for the annual meeting is that SoundKeepers would announce the dates for the sweeps, talk about the Aurora Bridge, take questions and answers, and do a tabling event.  The board agreed.


Legislative: John Leness (President and chair, Legislative) reported that had and Amalia Walton (former President and current FHA lawyer/lobbyist) met with the DNR a couple of weeks ago to go over the leases on a line by line basis—a flip-through. DNR is in a complicated situation in that they tried to revise their lease form a few years ago and the effort just died. Ride the Ducks: John and others reported that a big barge came and left; it removed one of the two pilings; someone apparently realized that they need the other piling to tie the barge too. They also removed the log raft coming out from Terry Pettus area. The construction window closes on April 15, so they won’t be able to do any more work until October. John summarized the history of the litigation and settlement: no queuing on Fairview; if queue, have to queue on their property, not on the ramp; their route has to be toward downtown; have to relocate speakers down low; and keep sound at a certain volume.

Discussion of the Annual Meeting on April 19

Other Committees:

  • Houseboatique: Blair showed the water proof pocket with an adjustable strap that you can put around your neck and through which you can operate your phone. One free to each household member attending the meeting. Bill showed a reflective address plate that he got for his dock from Fast Signs.  This is for purposes of easier location by Harbor Patrol in case of emergency. 
  • Community Building and Events: With Sue Jostrom stepping off to be VP, a new chair is needed to step in as chair of this committee. Sue summarized past events and activities: we have done monthly music jam; supported Seattle Night Out; Docktoberfest; the Tour (biennial). She thinks the door is so wide open as to what kinds of things could be started and done.  

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:25 p.m.

Next meeting on May 3 at Dave’s Chappelle’s. 


Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 7:00 pm

Approved at the April Board Meeting

Location: Susan Susor’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Peter Erickson, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Peter Erickson, Jann McFarland Guests: Tom Susor

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

1.     Financial Reports:

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) reported that finances are in good shape overall.

2.     Discussion of the Annual Meeting:

a.     The board discussed details of the upcoming FHA members’ meeting on April 19 and made suggestions for format this year.

b.    The board also discussed that Libby Kutcipal (Vice-President) and Joyce Black are leaving the board. Courtney Cooper and Ranaan Schnitzer are willing to join. The history of board membership was reviewed, including the board’s geographical diversity policy adopted last year. Dave Chappelle mentioned Janet Williams from Westlake, who indicated her willingness to be a new board member.

c.     Sue Jostrom agreed to stand for Vice President.

3.     Approval of the February minutes and abridged January and February minutes: (m/s/p)

4.     Committees

a.     Legislative: John Leness (President and chair of the Legislative committee) reported on the meeting with the DNR regarding lease revisions. The last attempted revision is in 2005; this was not successful.  The tone of the meeting was cooperative; it included Derek Toba (DNR rep) and Amalia Walton (our lawyer and lobbyist)

Charging Station: John Leness met with the concerned parties and will draft an agreement that reflects their discussion. The charging spot will be technically on city property but will be private.  The FHA member who installed the station is willing to share it with others if they split the cost.

b.    Houseboatique: The board authorized Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) to order a water proof pocket with a neck band to give away at the annual meeting.

5.     Other Issues:

a.     Membership: The board revisited the discussion of encouraging docks to enroll with a dock membership.  Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications committee) also reviewed the status of our new on-line membership system.

b.    Red Robin: A short update was provided by Maggie Chon (secretary) and Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security committee) on the successful resolution and settlement of the dispute with the developers after a two-year effort.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Next meeting on April 5, 2017.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 7:00pm

APPROVED at the March 2017 board meeting

Location: Blair Robbins’s home

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Libby Kutcipal, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Peter Erickson, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, John Leness, Jann McFarland, Sarah Morlidge, Susan Susor

Guests: Courtney Cooper (possible board member, Shelby Dock)

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:10 p.m. In the absence of president John Leness, Libby Kutcipal (Vice President) chaired the meeting.

Libby introduced Courtney Cooper as a potential new board member from the Shelby Dock on Portage Bay.

1. Approval of the January minutes: (m/s/p) the full version was approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) passed out the 2016 Final Financial Report. Attached to the 2016 final report was the final tour report; this was reported as income in the new year. Tom then distributed the first financial summary for 2017 for review and discussion by the board.

3. Legislative committee: John and Peter Erickson are both out of town, so Libby conducted this discussion.

a. Seattle City Light (SCL) Discussion: John and Peter seemed to have had a successful meeting with SCL.

b. Meeting with the DNR about leases: John sent around a possible date, which is either the evening of February 22 or during the day on the 23rd.

4. Other Committees:

a) Environmental: Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental) plans to invite Puget Soundkeepers to the FHA annual meeting. Joe Inslee (member, Environmental) suggested that we work with them to have a specific sweep for the floating homes.

b) Houseboatique: For the annual meeting, Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) will have a Houseboatique table.

c) Safety and Security: Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security) will invite Harbor Patrol to the annual meeting.

d) Events: The date of the annual meeting is Wednesday, April 19. Sue Jostrom (chair, Community Building and Events) would appreciate some ideas about the meeting.

e) Board Development and Operations: Courtney and Ranaan (who came to the last meeting) are new board members whose names will be put forward before the annual meeting. Libby’s term will end and so the board will need to identify a VP.

5. Membership: Jann McFarland (FHA office manager) sent Libby a summary re: group (dock) memberships. The board thought that the summary circulated was a good start to addressing this issue, but wanted both Jann and Sarah to be at a meeting to develop a concrete plan.

6. Red Robin: Maggie Chon (Secretary) reported that the neighbors filed a notice of appeal, and the developer contacted them shortly thereafter. Settlement discussions are proceeding.

7. Electrical car charge update: No resolution was reached on this issue. Board decided to ask John to contact involved parties to discuss.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Next meeting on March 1, 2017 at Susan Susor’s (1409 Boat St. # 5).

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 7:00pm

FINAL and APPROVED at March 2017 board meeting

Location: Mike Dellario’s (2207 Fairview Ave E #3)

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Sue Jostrom, Mike Dellario, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor
Excused: Joyce Black, Maggie Chon, Jann McFarland,
Guests: Ranaan Schnitzer and Amalia Walton, as noted
Meeting called to order at approximately 7:16 p.m.
John Leness (President) was acting secretary as Maggie Chon (Secretary) was out of town. Libby Kutcipal (Vice President) introduced Ranaan Schnitzer as a potential new board member from Joyce Black’s dock on Portage Bay.
1. Approval of the December minutes: (m/s/p) both the full and abridged versions were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer) reviewed the financials, reporting that we were on track against budget for the beginning of the year.

3. Legislative committee:

a. Power cutoff: Peter Erickson (member, Legislative Committee) reminded the board of the concern about City Light’s new policy regarding power reconnections. He reported that he and John were waiting for a meeting with City Light to discuss this issue.

b. DNR: John Leness asked those board members who were interested in participating in the meeting with DNR to discuss their new lease form to let him know. He reported DNR’s proposed meeting dates.

4. Other Committees:

a) Board Development and Operations: Libby reported that Courtney Cooper had expressed her interest in joining the board. All agreed that she should be invited to the February meeting.

b) Events: Sue Jostrom (chair, Community Building and Events) reported proposed dates in April for the Annual Meeting.

5. Other Issues:

a) Filming. Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) described her work assisting a Korean film crew working on her dock.

b) Electric Boats. Mike Dellario (member, Communications) raised the possibility of organizing the many electric boats owned by floating home owners, forming a club, and entering them in the Opening Day boat parade, as a way of publicizing the FHA. He circulated several sample burgee designs. The board asked that all who were interested contact Mike.

c) Meeting with Hilary Franz: Amalia Walton then joined the meeting. She reported that she had met with Hilary Franz, the newly elected head of DNR, to discuss issues relevant to FHA members. At the conclusion of her report, Amalia left the meeting.

d) Membership: Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications) distributed a spreadsheet showing current membership, and asked the board to help her gather missing information.

e) John then reported on the status of the private EV charging station at the cottage.

f) Sue then reported that Seattle Public Utilities had been extremely responsive regarding the used car dealership as it was washing cars.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.
Next meeting on February 1, 2017 at Blair’s

Respectfully submitted,

John Leness, Acting Secretary

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 7:00pm

Final and Approved at January 2017 board meeting

Location: Dave Chappelle’s (2466 Westlake Ave. N # 4)

Attendees: Bill Albert, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Joyce Black, Sue Jostrom, Jann McFarland. Guests: none

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 p.m.

1. Approval of the November minutes: (m/s/p) with changes suggested by Tom and Maggie. Approval of abridged minutes for October and November

2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer and Finance Committee member) announced that he received a letter from our lawyer Peter Eglick, raising his rate as of January 2017, after many years at the same rate. The board agreed that the increased rate is still reasonable. Tom also discussed the Annual Financial Report as of the end of November. Tom raised the question of whether we should recruit someone to do dock membership for next year.

For our next meeting, it was suggested that we could have a map print-out to see which docks are currently members. The board also agreed that we should we discuss then the question of designating a person to make a membership push. Billings should be going out in December/January, and many docks have their annual dock meetings during this period as well.

Tom then distributed the 2017 Budget Worksheet, as a recommendation from the Finance Committee to the board.

Approval of the 2107 Budget: m/s/p.

3. Houseboatique: Blair Robbins (Chair, Houseboatique) reported that the holiday sale went well this year – we made about $1200 after expenses. Judy Sarafin (former FHA board member) stepped in for the whole day, and the office was a warm and welcoming space thanks to Erik’s renovations.

4. Legislative committee:

a. DNR: John Leness (President and chair, Legislative Committee) received a letter from DNR re: a new standard lease form. DNR usually gives FHA owners a chance to review the standard form for leases on the lake. January to-do: Might be good to have a small group of non-board members to review this.

b. City Light has a new policy. Peter Erickson (member, Legislative Committee) reported that if anyone needs to disconnect power for any reason, then in order to get reconnected, one must pour concrete on the shore, and run a rigid conduit under the dock to your house. The board greed that the FHA should negotiate with City Light.

c. NOVs: Our lobbyist Amalia Walton (past FHA president) has been talking to DCI about a potential Director’s Ruling on repairs. This year, we didn’t have a rash of NOVs.

5. Safety and Security:

a) Water quality. Bill Albert (chair, Safety and Security) learned inadvertently at a Harbor Patrol meeting that the contents of the homeless encampments latrines are going directly into the water. He also learned that the Harbor Patrol debris

pen may be replaced by a community boat launch area. The board generally agreed to keep monitoring this issue.

6. Environmental

Dave Chappelle (chair, Environmental Committee) reported that the Soundkeepers just settled a lawsuit with the City of Tacoma; Tacoma will have an industrial waste treatment area. They sued under the Clean Water Act and as part of the settlement, they received $70K to be used as they see fit for other conservation issues.

Dave also reported that Soundkeepers has a weekly sweep of Lake Union every Friday; NWOC volunteers kayaks. Average about 5 pounds each kayak. At the end of the year, will have pulled 20K pounds out of the lake.

7. Communication:

The board had a lively discussion about specific communications tools and linking strategy to a membership drive, including sending a postcard to new houseboat owners. Ideas suggested included a blog spot on the website; a hashtag for people to post photos to the Instagram account. The board discussion revolved about what (from a social media perspective) would be attractive to our newer members.

Sarah requested that we have an on-line membership form and an on-line way to pay for the membership. m/s/p

She would also like to have a space on the website to join our mailing list form on the website.

8. Other Committee Reports:

Tom made a pitch for board recruitment for 2017; terms for 2 current members will end.

Tom also mentioned that the electric docking station is installed; John agreed to talk to this neighbor. Erik mentioned that a couple of people have looked at the tree near the FHA Office, and it is falling into the lake. The board agreed that we would call the City Arborist to take a look at it.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:05 p.m.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 7:00 pm

FINAL AND APPROVED at November 2 board meeting

Location: John Leness’s

Attendees: Joyce Black, Dave Chappelle, Maggie Chon, Mike Dellario, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Erik Johnson, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Blair Robbins, Susan Susor

Excused: Bill Albert, Sue Jostrom, Jann McFarland, Sarah Morlidge

Guests: None

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:15 p.m.

1. Approval of the September minutes: (m/s/p) with changes

2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer and member of the Finance Committee) circulated the Annual Financial Report and Tour Statement. Because of the successful tour, we are going to make $41,700 over against a budget of $21,500. This is much more than 2014, even before we collect the final $5000 in sponsors. Tom also circulated a proposed 2017 budget, and explained his proposed changes for next year. The final draft will be presented for board approval at the December meeting.

3. Legislative:

a. John Leness (President and chair of the Legislative Committee) stated Amalia Walton (our board designated lobbyist) has forwarded our proposed repair language to DCI but has not heard from them yet.

b. On the raft issue, Ann Preznya from Fairview has requested a meeting with the Mayor, and asked us to attend.

4. Environmental:

a. Cycle Track: Dave Chappelle (chair of the Environmental committee) mentioned the issue of black tacks sprinkled across the track. The track is busy even though it’s new. Dave thinks it is working well and is being received well along the corridor. Dave had a chance to go to the opening, and thanked the city for allowing us to be at the table. The opening was attended by the Mayor, Mike McGuinn and Scott Kubly.

b. Puget Soundkeepers Annual Auction: This year, the auction is on Saturday, October 22 at 5:30. We agreed to sponsor a table as in past years.

5. Community Outreach: Docktoberfest cards have been put at the heads of each dock except north of Portage Bay.

6. Communication:

a. Budget: Mike Dellario (member, Communications Committee) reported that the budget is half of what it was last year. Sarah Morlidge (chair, Communications, Committee) prepared a budget and gave it to the finance committee and said that it was all she needed.

b. Emergency Alerts: Joe Inslee (member, Communications committee) is working on emergency alerts with Sarah.

c. Board Meeting Minutes: Maggie Chon (Secretary) takes minutes, which are detailed notes, for the board; has them approved by the board. The board agreed that abridged minutes will be posted on the FHA website after board approval.

7. Houseboatique: Blair Robbins (chair, Houseboatique) reported that we made $1000 at the tour, including from some of our “classic” stuff (the cookbooks and sweatshirts). The holiday sale will be the week after Thanksgiving week: Sunday, December 4th.

8. FHA Office: Erik Johnson has been renovating the interior of the Bill Keasler Cottage on Fairview. The 2017 budget will include the deck repair.

9. Other Committee Reports: No other formal reports delivered.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Next meeting at the FHA Office (tentative; 2329 Fairview Ave. E.); if not ready by Tuesday, then at Sue Jostrom’s

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary

Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 7:00 pm

FINAL AND APPROVED at the October 2016 board meeting

Location: Libby Kutcipal’s

Attendees: Bill Albert, Maggie Chon, Peter Erickson, Tom Hesselbrock, Joe Inslee, Sue Jostrom, Libby Kutcipal, John Leness, Sarah Morlidge, Blair Robbins

Excused: Joyce Black, Dave Chappelle, Erik Johnson, Jann McFarland, Susan Susor

Guests: Delilah, Loba (Libby’s dogs!)

Meeting called to order at approximately 7:12 p.m.

1. Approval of the July minutes

2. Tour: Sue Jostrom (chair, Community Building and Events Committee and tour director) reported that the tour sold out a couple of days after the Pacific Northwest magazine article came out. She also mentioned an October 28 event: the fourth annual Docktoberfest (6:30-9 p.m. at the CWB).

3. Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hesselbrock (FHA Treasurer and member of the Finance Committee) passed around the balance sheet as of 8/31/16.

4. Legislative: John Leness (President and chair of the Legislative Committee) stated that Amalia Walton (past president of the FHA and now an attorney with Miller, Nash, Graham & Dunn) is helping us to negotiate with DCI with regard to proposed language as to what repairs would require permits and what would not.

5. Seattle Met Magazine: We received a ping about someone who has done some renovation recently and would like an article on it. Blair Robbins (chair of Houseboatique) volunteered.

6. Tenas Chuck electrical charging station: Some folks approached the FHA; they would like to install an electrical charging station behind the FHA office in exchange for paying our electrical bills. The board agreed that if they paid for the electricity, they could install the station. The charging station should not be connected to our FHA office.

7. Grand Opening for the Cycle Track: Dave Chappelle (chair of the Environmental Committee) mentioned that the opening is on September 15th. The board agreed to send a representative.

8. Communications Strategy Budget: Sarah Morlidge (chair of the communications committee) will put something together for us to discuss at the next meeting.

9. Other Committee Reports:

a. Safety and Security: Police and fire department discussion about one station is no longer on the table.

b. Budget: Tom Hesselbrock (Treasurer and member of the budget and finance committee) stated that it’s budget time for next year. At the next board meeting, Tom will hand out budget reports to discuss. Our November meeting will be a discussion of any changes. In December’s meeting, the board will approve it.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Next meeting at Libby Kutcipal’s

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Chon, Secretary