Seattle FHA Advertisers’ Prograis simple and effective

The Seattle FHA’s ad program makes sure local supportive businesses are listed in a place home owners can find and contact them 365 days a year. For more information about placing an ad here please contact Jann McFarland on or 206-323-3489

Annual Advertising Rate

  • $250/yr. Optimized Graphic Ad plus a Line Ad linked to your web site and email contacts
  • Ad will appear as thumbnail next to your line ad and will be expanded to full page when users click on it. Tag Line or Information of your choice is available when full page is displayed.
  • $100/yr. Line ad with wording and contact information of your choice

What visibility you get with Annual Rate:

  • 365 Days Coverage (Much more exposure than 2 throwaway newsletters/year).
  • Your Graphic ad will be placed on our Resources page.
  • Your customer can click on your ad to see your ad optimized for full size version.
  • At no additional cost there will be a line ad with Links to your Website and Email contact.

All You Need to Do:

Send us your ad the way you would like customers to see it. (JPEG is preferred)

  • Thumbnail image (approx. 220 x 330 pixels)
  • Expanded and Optimized Full Screen image (Approx. 450 x 550)
  • We can help you develop and place your ad at no additional charge

Ad Developers note:  Keep in mind that small text may not be readable until your ad is expanded and optimized for  to full screen image.


We want to thank you for the support of Seattle FHA and its community members. 

We look at you as an integral part of Seattle’s unique Floating Home Community.